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Two common names are coming into consideration when we consider the perfect shotguns for the military. One is Beretta 1301 tactical, and the other one is Benelli M4. Today, I will be discussing these two guns and their outstanding features. People in the defense department and civilians can use these shotguns.

Let us compare Beretta 1301 Tactical vs. Benelli M4 so that you can pick the perfect one as per your requirements. Every small feature is essential to consider while making any decision.

Beretta 1301 Tactical


  1. Rugged Grip: It comes with a rugged grip, which is easy to hold with proper balance. My hands got sweaty when I carry the gun all day long. Even then, I can hold it comfortably without slipping out of my arms.
  2. Choke System: The shotgun is available with an interchangeable choke system, through which one can change the shot pattern. It does not matter if the prey is standing close or far to you. 
  3. Rifle for the Battle: It is a 12-gauge shotgun, which can effectively work on battlefields. There are long-lasting and devastating effects on the human body if anyone gets shot with it. The rifle can handle two types of shells of different sizes, like 2.73 and 3 inches. It is necessary to remove the first block to load the magazine entirely. 
  4. Controls of Big Size: There are extensive controls like big bolt handles and release. There is an oversized cross-bolt, which is quite effective to use for all the left-handed shooters. During war or any emergency, it can be hard to manipulate and manage the levers. The oversized controls help you in controlling and shooting the shotgun effectively.   
  5. Targeted Sight: There are two types of sights, through which you can target your enemy very well. The rear ring and front blade sights are entirely accurate and easy to use. It is possible to adjust the angles for both elevation and windage. There is a photoluminescent dot on the front blade sight that absorbs light and glows for some time. 
  6. Quality: The shotgun is well constructed because it is made up of highly durable material. The manufacturer supplies this weapon to militaries. It comes with a stylish and well-functioned design. The weight of the gun is 6.7 pounds, which is relatively lightweight than other models. There is no use of oil or any solvent required to clean the gas piston system. Dry the parts of the piston system before reassembling it. 
  7. Triggers: It comes with a smooth and short trigger, which is quite crisp to reset. The trigger is solid and durable. It works smoothly during an emergency.  


  • The shot is relatively quick and accurate.
  • The recoil impulse is perfect.
  • There are different shots and choke patterns in this shotgun.


  • You need to empty the first block to load the magazine entirely.
  • The capacity is limited, like it is available in many imported shotguns.

Benelli M4


  1. Accuracy: The shots by this shotgun can go far than 20 yards accurately. If anyone is trying to target the close-range object, then there is no scope of missing the shot. The pistol grip comes with the perfect recoil distribution and gas-piston operation. 
  2. Reliability: It has a highly-reliableARGO gas system, which helps in cleaning the pistol itself. The weapon is rugged and durable to make better shots. The trigger is smooth while operating it because of its simple design. The parts of the gun are water-resistant and can bear even when it is submerged in water.  
  3. Easy to Handle: It is relatively simple to manage this gas-operated firearm because of its smooth and comfortable design. It can manage the carbine platform because it contains the low coil, long arms, pistol grip, retractable stock, etc. There is no need for maintenance because it comes with an excellent self-cleaning system.  
  4. Trigger: The trigger pull is relatively smooth for shooting experts. Any beginner may feel that it has a heavy trigger, through which they cannot shoot well. Undoubtedly, there is no problem with the precision of the shots.  
  5. Shell Capacity and Reloading: Five shells are easy to load. The round capacity is relatively low, which makes it a perfect shotgun for militaries. The barrel tube is long to hold the five shells properly. It is easy to reload the M4 rifle with proper training. 
  6. Weight and Length: The size of the retracted stock is 35 inches, and the extended stock 40 inches, which is compact for a shotgun. It is quite useful in CQB because the extra five inches of its length offers impressive maneuverability. The most weight of the shotgun is 8.42 pounds, which is lighter as compared to M4A1 Carbine. It is possible to carry it on your back in the slug. 
  7. Recoil Management: It is a semi-auto shotgun, which is entirely accurate because of its low recoil. It helps in retraining the target sights quickly with precision. 
  8. Tight Tolerances: It is a well-constructed weapon, which required less maintenance and lubrication. The tight-fitting firearm is of high quality with a great tolerance level. There is not much slop between the shotgun’s moving parts.


  • The shotgun is easy to handle and make precise shots. 
  • The power loads are quite good, which makes it a reliable option for the shooter. 


  • The capacity of the shotgun is relatively low.
  • It comes in an expensive price range.

The Bottom Line

After comparing Beretta 1301 Tactical vs. Benelli M4, both shotguns perform well according to different people’s needs. Choosing anyone can be challenging, but it is necessary to consider all their features with great attention. Every individual has various requirements when it comes to a shotgun. Compare the two products yourself and pick the best one.

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