Possibilities in hunting can be varied from type to type depending upon the surroundings you can come across. The right equipment and the accurate installments with experience lead to the perfect hunting. Similarly, in the hunting of turkey, the crucial task is selecting the right shot size. This selection includes gun patterning, gauge selection, and many more things. You can find a perfect guide for all these perspectives below:

Going deep in the selection, we will find many factors involved in deciding the right shot size.  First of all, let us find out what a shot size is? The combined term which is used for denoting the pellets is called shot size. The number of pellets makes the dimension difference. So a shot is usually in different sizes, and the size will be small when the rule is big enough. So hunting in different perspectives makes the sizes different. When the distance between targets is small, you will use a pellet of small diameter. The reason is more shots are placeable in the shotshell. 

Type of the best shot size for turkey

It has been difficult for a long time to select the shot size that can be effective for killing Turkey in the best way. The best shot size provides the best results, whether you use the 20 gauge, 12 gauge, or 16 gauge.  However, keep in mind that it also depends upon choke tube and gun patterning. Many people use 6s, 5s, or 4s.  The diameter for different numbers are:

  • No. 6 has 2.79mm, 
  • The diameter for 5 is 3.09mm, 
  • The diameter for 4 is 6.1mm.

So the measurements are here, and you will decide the size by comparing all facts. There are more mammoth turkeys in some areas than usual. If the turkey is gigantic enough, you will need the large pellets for perfect penetration and vice versa.

No. 9 Shot Size

There are 579 pallets in No. 9 shot, and it is fatal even in the case of small birds like a dove. And for turkey hunting, it will not be a good decision because it cannot penetrate the vital part of Turkey. So, we are not considering size 9. So, you can neglect this shit size for Turkey. 

No. 4 Shot Size

There is a rule in physics;

A heavier shot can do an effective job because its applicability is stronger.  

It obeys the no. 4 shot size, and we can consider this shot. But the process for this is not simple though. The right choke tube is a crucial problem because turkey chokes usually come tight. Moreover, they cannot accommodate this larger size shot no. 4.

If you are trying to attempt it, then pellets become compressed with each other and bounce at once and get missed in the turkey.

So, if we can arrange a good match for this shot size, it will do a great job. For this purpose, 655 choke tube constrictions will be the match.

No. 5 Shot Size

This shot size provides the best powering energy in turkey hunting, and this shot size considers the shooting about 50-55 yards. The tight gun patterning is only a necessary thing to make this shot size best penetrating. If you are going for this number, then a lead one must get used. But lead shots are neglectable if you use the 20 gauge for turkey hunting.

No. 6 Shot Size

Many hunters consider the no. 6 shot size good. The diminishing return is an important point that applies to shot size. If we increase the pellets, the fewer pellets will hit and make the pellets scattered. If you choose the shot size of 6, the range should be far enough from 50 yards. So, shot size no. 6 will be good if we use it in open fields. And the small shots are better for the usual shotgun pattern.

No. 7 Shot size

No. 7 shot size is usable because the lead shot has some differences from other shots. Moreover, if you are hunting large turkeys, you will also need several pellets for best hunting.

Gun Patterning

The main point of this is for perfect penetration in turkey vitals. The way your gun spreads the pellets will help you in determining the shot size. Do invest your time before shooting. 

Choke Tubes

Choke types also make a difference. Now the chokes usually come modified and with the improved cylinder. For fixed choke guns, a good result will appear. Moreover, for the guns which have an extended choke, you can match a variety of tubes.


You can start suggesting 20-30 yards, and your shooting will be a game-changer later in the distance of 50 to 60 yards. Starting from small and gradually increasing will make you understand all perspectives of hunting. Different turkey hunters usually suggest the 40 yards standard range of distance.


So, the final verdict of discussion is about deciding the perfect shot size for turkey. You can hunt the remarkable shot size by considering all types of limitations and capacities of your gun. Moreover, to all these facts, a material composed in shots is also significant because it can change the complete game of your hunting being worse or best. Hevishot is far better than lead shot nowadays. So now can conclude the following points for best hunting:

  • Shotgun Limitations
  • Different Materials for Shots
  • Turkeys size

By now, hunters usually use no. 4 to 7, and you should test and experience everything before your final game. And the best time for your shooting is when you have set and experienced all of the situations. You will know the exact shot size only when you would practice all types. Some tutorials will be helpful for perfect hunting. One such tutorial for selecting the best shot size for Turkey is:

You will know the exact shot size when you would practice all types. 

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