Can you shoot 7.62×39 ammo in a 308 rifle? The quick answer is yes, but there are some things you need to know before doing so. In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between these two rounds of ammunition and what you need to do in order to safely shoot them in your rifle. We will also provide a few tips on how to get the most out of your shooting experience with this ammo!

Can I shoot with 7.62 x39 in my 308?

The main difference between the two rounds is that the 308 Winchester has a much higher pressure than the standard AK-47 round. This means that you need to be very careful when shooting this ammo in your rifle. If you are not experienced with high pressure ammunition, it is best to seek out a professional before attempting to shoot this ammo in your rifle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the 308 Winchester round is a bit longer than the standard AK-47 round. This means that you will need to adjust your sights accordingly in order to properly hit your target. Failure to do so could result in some serious damage to your rifle or even yourself.

Can you use 308 bullets to reload 7.62 x39?

The simple answer is no, you cannot. The two cartridges are not interchangeable and attempting to do so could result in serious injury or even death. While the cases may appear similar, they are not identical and using the wrong type of ammunition in your firearm can be extremely dangerous. If you have any doubts about which type of ammo to use in your rifle, always consult a professional before proceeding. Attempting to reload ammunition yourself is also not recommended unless you have experience and expertise in this area.

So, what’s the difference between these two types of ammo? For starters, the 308 Winchester cartridge is a rimless design while the older Soviet-designed x39mm round is a rimmed design. This means that the x39mm round will not fit into a chamber designed for the 308 Winchester. Additionally, the x39mm round has a slightly smaller diameter bullet than the 308 Winchester. Attempting to fire a308 Winchester bullet through a x39mm barrel can result in dangerous pressure buildups that could cause the barrel to rupture.

In short, it’s not safe or wise to try and use 308 Winchester ammo in a x39mm rifle or vice versa. If you have any questions about which type of ammunition is appropriate for your firearm, always consult with a professional before proceeding. Firing the wrong type of ammo in your rifle can result in serious injury or even death so it’s important to be absolutely sure before pulling the trigger.

Is 7.62 x39 interchangeable with 7.62 x51?

The simple answer is no, you cannot shoot interchangeably between the two. The reason for this is that they are two different calibers designed for two different purposes. The body dimensions of the rounds are different, as well as the rifling in the barrels of each type of rifle. This means that if you were to try and shoot a round meant for a 308 in a rifle chambered for a x39, it would not fit correctly and could cause serious damage to both the gun and yourself.

While they may be similar in name, there’s no mistaking that these are two very different types of ammunition. So before you go out and buy any ammo, make sure you know what caliber rifle you have and what it uses. That way, you can avoid any accidents and keep yourself safe while shooting.

What can you shoot with 7.62×39?

The simple answer is that you can shoot anything with a 308 that will fit in the chamber and magazine. That said, there are some important caveats to keep in mind.

First, let’s talk about ammunition compatibility. 308 Winchester and 300 AAC Blackout use different bullet diameters. The former uses .308″ bullets while the latter uses .300″ bullets. As a result, you cannot shoot 300 BLK through a rifle chambered for 308 Win. You can, however, shoot 308 Win through a rifle chambered for 300 BLK.

Second, there is the matter of pressure. Ammunition manufacturers develop their products to function within certain pressure limits that are specific to the cartridge they’re loading for. For example, most commercial .308 Winchester ammunition is loaded to produce between 50,000 and 60,000 PSI of chamber pressure. In contrast, the maximum average pressure for 300 AAC Blackout is only 55,000 PSI.

This means that you can technically shoot 308 Win through a rifle chambered for 300 BLK. However, doing so will subject your firearm to higher than normal levels of stress and could potentially damage it. So while you can do it, we wouldn’t recommend it.

If you’re unsure about what kind of ammo you should be using in your rifle, always consult the owner’s manual or a qualified gunsmith. They’ll be able to help you figure out what will work best for your specific firearm.

And that’s everything you need to know about shooting with 308 Winchester in a rifle chambered for 300 AAC Blackout. Remember, always be safe and make sure you know what you’re doing before pulled the trigger.

Are 7.62 x39 and 308 the same?

The simple answer is no. While both cartridges are meant for rifles, they are not interchangeable. The main difference between the two is the diameter of the bullet.

308 bullets measure .308 inches in diameter while x39 bullets measure .311 inches in diameter. That additional .003 of an inch might not seem like much, but it’s enough to make a big difference in how well your rifle fires.

Additionally, x39 ammunition is typically loaded with a lighter bullet than 308 ammo. That means that it will have less kinetic energy and penetrate less deeply than 308 rounds. So, if you’re looking for stopping power, you’ll want to stick with 308 ammo.

The difference in bullet diameter and the lower kinetic energy of x39 rounds make it unsafe to use in a 308 rifle. If you want to use your rifle for hunting or self-defense, stick with ammo that’s designed for it. Your safety (and the safety of those around you) depends on it.