I am here with another interesting article about red dot sights.  I conducted an interview session with many shooters who use red dot sight. One important thing. I observed the lack of knowledge about the working principle of red dot sights. Thus, I decided to share some important information about this. So, keep your fingers on your mouse, drag it down, go and learn red!

How Do Red Dot Sights Actually Work?

You are a fan of the famous game call of duty? Great! So am I. You may have observed a dot whenever you aim at your target. This is what the red dot sight is used for. Ever since the introduction of the red dot sight on the market. Many shooters are fond of this device due to its easy-to-use function and its low cost as well. 

You can get your target quickly through this device due to no- alignment flexibility. Furthermore, red dot sight decreases your work. Now, you don’t have to set a sight picture with the rear aperture than the front sight post and your target. You can simply aim at your target by placing a reticle. This is alluring I know. 

As you know red dot sight can work fine within close range. However, if the distance increases, you can use it with a magnifier. I know you have to buy one more thing, but it is worth it!

What is the Working Principle of Red Dot Sight?

Before moving towards the principle, I would like to share an informative video about red dot sights.

The device design is very simple. It can be used in a simple way and surprisingly it has the simplest working principle as well. Do you remember the old magical trick? The one which was known as Pepper’s ghost? The red dot sight works in the same manner. It uses plates and lights and magic appears. 

Mr. Howard Grubb who was the Irish telescope builder patented the first red sight in the early 1900s. Moreover, the red dot sight was used in World War two as well.

Red dot sight uses a battery to light LED. The LED when lighted reflect green or red light on the concave lens. This reflection thing creates a reticle for you. The reticle is on one plane so there is no need for alignment.   You can see your reticle but the person on the other side cannot see where the reticle is. This is how a red dot sight works. 

You can measure the size of the red dot in MOA. The aperture present at the front of the LED usually controlled it. 

Red dot sights are available in two different styles.  For a closed sight, you can find another lens at the tube front to save the LED from dirt and fog. Another style is open reflex sight. In this style the parts are open to the environment thus you can expect a cut down in the sight picture.

When it comes to holographic sight you can say that is the improved version of red dot sight. The holographic sight works by guiding the laser along a sequence of mirrors inside the sight. This helps in reducing parallax. Furthermore, the holographic red dot sight works fine if the lens is slightly broken.

What are Different Types of Red Dot Sights?

The two important types of red dot sights are:

Rifle optics:

Generally, a red dot sight comes in a form of tube designs for big-size firearms. This type of optics comes with 2 to 3 MOA size of the red dot, and a 25mm aim lens. Furthermore, this type of optics works best in close to moderate range.

As I have mentioned earlier, you can increase the power of a typical red dot sight by using a magnifier.

Miniature optics:

When we discuss red dot sights miniature red dot sights are the most to discuss. Due to its small size, it can easily fit on pistol sight and backup sight. 

As the technology world is moving forward miniature red dot sights are getting smaller. Thus, becoming an ideal device to use with CCW.

Common Questions About Working of Red Dot Sight:

A red dot sight is a tool that works effectively at night and during lighting. Just assess the environment first. Then buy a red dot sight with a night vision. Adjust the sight brightness. This is enough for a good shot at night.

Red dot sight is more common than green dot sight. In general, it is a fact that the red color draws more attention. It is the reason that every stop sign uses red color. However, it causes eye strains as compared to cooler and peaceful green. If you are a shooter who shoots bullseye targets at range.   Then you should choose green dot sight to shoot accurately.

Final words:

Red dot sight is a simple tool but has loads of benefits. Military men and cops are now using it for essential purposes. This means that red dot sight will always be present in the weapon market. 

You are now aware of its working principle. I am sure you will be able to answer correctly if someone questions about red dot sights.  If you still have some questions, you can use the comment box below. I will be delighted to clear your thoughts. 

🤔 Why do you need a red dot sight?

You can get your target quickly through this device due to no- alignment flexibility ...

🔍 What is the working principle of red dot sight?

The device design is very simple. It can be used in a simple way ...