Snipers usually work long ranges over 600 to 1200 meters making the enemy far away from reach without letting them know. They can eliminate targets from the long distance. A sniper from Canada made a record of longest-range shot in 2017, approximately 2 miles away from hitting the fighter dead in Iraq.

According to the US army, the 50 cal doubles the range of any sniper around 308. Most Swedish soldiers use 50 Cal rifles, according to Forbes magazine. The average range of any sniper with an average caliber rifle is about 600 meters. But 50 caliber rifles of 12.7 millimeter, 14.5 millimeter, and 15 millimeter have a range of about 1500 meters. The accuracy of these 50 Cal gets claimed by manufacturers is even greater than this. 

During the Gulf War in 1991, United States forces used 50 cal and engaged Iraq forces out of 1600 meters. Another manufacturer said about the model,

“It enables an experienced marksman to carry extraordinary precise fire on targets in more than 1500 yards.”

How far can 50 cal shoot?

The above-discussed ranges can be expected from a skilled shooter, and in fact, it’s the approach of about 1000 meters which can be equal to 10 football grounds. Some publications reviewed the range and performance of 50 Cal at its new entry. The journal American Rifleman said about 50 Cal’s rifle, “it is an ideal weapon suitable for precision target shooting at distances of 1000 yards or more.” And a journal named “The Small Arms Review” said, “It is an observation that shooting something at 1000 yds was not the real thing. The genuine test was finding an area to fire at an object with a distance of 1000 yards.”

Shortly, an advancement in the designs of 50 Cal was beneficial because it improved the performance of an expert around 1000 Yards. And the winning rounds in world competition decreased from 9.3125 to 2.6002 in an era from 1986 to 1999.


The 50 Cal’s capability of deploying one person and giving him the ability to aim targets of ranges over one mile are fascinating from a strategic point. But the capacity of the supergun rifle can get exaggerated, and its kinetic energy increased from 44 Magnum with unbeatable penetration.

Accuracy and Extended Range

Because of the unrestricted sale of 50 Cal rifles, its accuracy is often objected to. However, manufacturer advertising, civilian owners, expert writing, and military manuals provided evidence that 50 Cal rifles are accurate over the range of 1000 yards. However, when 50 Cal’s rifle is used by experienced, trained, and competent snipers, its approach increases to 2000 yards. The deadly reach is also because of the great mass of its bullet. And these both points cause high momentum and fewer rounds like 30 Cal of the majority rifles. 

The Very High Power Magazine said about the 50 Cal, its next closest military competitor. The 50 Cal plays a key role over 30 Cal in military purposes. For a small arms caliber, muzzle energy is also outstanding with its speed and weight of 50 projectiles. This explanation means a long-range bullet that can still do its job. 

50 Cals Destructive Power

It is a significant point that a 50 Cal rifle is not a threat because of its longest-range we discussed above. However, it is a threat because of the combination of long-range with its power. So any sniper will set scales of these points that depend upon the nature of an aim. Some terrorists fired from as short ranges as 120 yards, and those snipers shot and quickly tore apart the military body armor of high grade. But if we evaluate the history, in Vietnam, the long shot was 1.42 miles by the United States Marine Corps named Carlos N. Hathcock, a Gunnery Sergeant. It was more impressive because it was the time when 50 cal rifles were not available. Moreover, that Sergeant was using a 50 Caliber machine gun with a telescopic sight for the shoot. And nowadays, rifles being sold are much improved, sophisticated, and made than the weapon Sergeant was using.

Besides the fact that rifles present that assassination threat due to their extraordinary long-range, we should not blind ourselves from the reality of superguns’ power to destroying targets. These powers of destruction are as serious threat as assassination and are the usual cause of mass causalities and disruption to civic order and commerce. 

Description of weapon

The following is the detailed explanation of the capability of model rifle M82A1 by Barrett; 

These 50 semi-automatic Caliber rifles allow the objects to be displaced and destroyed by only one fighter. Radar dishes, aircraft, communications vehicles, area denial submunitions, and armed personnel carriers are all susceptible to the capability of Barrett M82A1. The armed forces can engage the opposition far beyond distances of small firearms with vital strength and without the price of rocket crews or the expense of mortar and the need for power. Its lightweight makes the transport of weapons as easy as walking. Moreover, any sniper can use night vision equipment and use the gun more effectively in darkness. The muzzle brake of the rifle decreases the recoil to a 12 gauge shotgun. So, if many targets get neutralized with multi-purpose ammunition like APIM8 or M33 ball, its advantages are clear. 

The above description was approved by the United States on a 50 Cal’ sniper rifle. The sniper rifles are for the stand-off attack against radar vans, parked aircraft, bulk fuel, ammunition storage spaces, and missiles. Due to these facts, there is only minimum accuracy enough for distant range shots. The most substantial shielding matter with their damaging effect makes them psychologically valuable rifles with their capability of long-range shooting.

Let’s delve into the video content to understand better how far does a 50 cal shoot?
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