In the last months, more and more people have purchased guns. Many new gun owners believe that they feel safer and secure having purchased guns. Also, other people have found their social groups as they have owned guns.

If you are planning to have one, you must have questions in your mind? Let us help answer these questions so that you will be guided.

How Long Does Ammo Last: Shelf Life of Ammunition

One of the biggest questions of new gun owners is how long does ammo last. Indeed, they do not want to just fire around in order not to waste their stored ammo, but they mean to keep them properly to last longer.

According to gun experts, the shelf life of ammunition depends on where they are stored. In reality, ammunition can last for more than a decade, especially if they are stored in the best storage places. You must have heard of ammo found that are still unused, yet they can still fire. However, the performance will not be like the new ones.

Understanding Old Ammo over New Ammo

Just like any other thing, ammunition has evolved as well. Before the 1930s, black powder was used for ammunition. After the 1930s, smokeless powder is used to power up ammo. Older ammo is known to last for a short time, with the exception of proper storage.

Another thing to consider when choosing ammo is how the case is made. When the ammunition case is made from steel, then it is expected to have earlier corrosion compared to brass.

How to Properly Take Care of Your Ammo?

Your ammo is an investment because of its price and also with its possible use. In fact, some ammo is considered to be a collector’s item, especially if it lasts long. 

  1. Store Your Ammo Properly

There are three essential tips to be followed when storing ammo, and these are cool, dark, and dry places. 

If these three basic rules are followed, surely your ammo will last longer than you.

2. Keep Your Ammo Dry

One of the key factors in storing ammo is keeping it in a dry place. Humidity is the first enemy of ammo because its case is made from metal. Metal, when exposed to humidity, can rust your ammunition easily. 

Basements are often chosen as the best place to store ammo because it has the least moisture. Make sure that you keep your ammo in cabinets or shelves just in case the basement gets flooded.

3. Keep your Ammo Cool

If you value your ammunition, then the temperature should be taken into consideration. The ammo should not be exposed to extreme temperatures such as too cold or too hot. Sudden changes in temperature can change the humidity. 

This is the reason why ammo that has lasted for several years are found in the basements because basements tend to have steady temperature despite the changes of the weather and seasons.

So, if you are considering buying a gun and its ammo, make sure that you have a cool storage place wherever you may be.

4. Keep Your Ammo at a Dark Place

When something is exposed constantly to the sun’s rays, indeed, it will degenerate sooner. Just like ammunition, when it is constantly exposed to a place where it is bright and has the sun’s rays, it will not work well, or worse, will not fire at all.

There is no specific area to choose for your ammo to be stored since you just need to store it away from the sun’s lights. Make sure that the storage place is away from windows. 

5. Pile and Label Your Ammo accordingly

It pays off to be organized when storing your ammunition. You do not want to purchase more and end up wasting some of them. So, it is essential to pile them up and keep them accordingly. You can put the old ones in front to give you a signal to use them first compared to the latest you’ve bought, which will be at the back of the older ones. 

If you still find this confusing, you can use a labeler to help you with the labels of your ammunition boxes. You also need to set up a reminder to visit the boxes to check the ammo if they are still in good condition and if moisture has gotten inside.

6. Use an Ammo Can

If you use your gun and ammo for social events like shooting games, then you need ammo to carry your ammunition. Good ammo can be both airtight and water-tight. Choose the ammo can that best suits your budget and the best that can store and carry the ammo that you have. 


Guns are bought for security, safety, and social reasons. Whatever reason a gun owner has, he should be prepared and aware of how to store ammunition properly. Ammo is an integral part of owning a gun. If it does not work accordingly, then your weapon is of no use.

Ammo has a shelf life, and it depends on the proper storage. The critical point to remember when storing ammo is a dark, dry, and cool place. If these three golden rules are followed, your ammo can last for a long time. 

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