A bullet may be defined as a metal streamlined shape projectile that fires from the barrel of a gun. This projectile allows traveling under the influence of gravity and inertia. The design is streamlined to cut the effect of air resistance, while the size of the bullet may depend upon the purpose. There are different sizes and weights of bullets used for hunting and shooting. A round or cartridge contains a slug, a substance that may be a powder, and an ignition device. 

Usually, one slug or bullet is present in one cartridge. A single cartridge cannot contain many slugs. Due to its design and phenomenon, it is impossible to fire many shots from a single round. But, the number of cartridges in a magazine can vary. The bullet is only the projectile that has to shoot out of the gun. The cartridge encloses most of the material required to propel the bullet. 

Bullets in a round: Parts of ammunition

We have to study the structure and shooting of the ammunition to understand the reason to contain a single bullet in a single cartridge. The ammo consists of a slug, a smokeless substance, and an igniter. Each of them has a specific role in the shooting of a bullet. The cartridge contains the following substances.

A bullet is a piece of metal that shoots from the gun’s barrel. It may be used to penetrate a target. It is one of the most important parts of the whole cartridge. A bullet may be called a round, and it is not correct. Most people term the entire cartridge as a bullet, but a shot is only a part of the cartridge.

The propellant is nitrocellulose that stores the energy needed to propel a bullet from the barrel. It mixes with ether and alcohol, and this combination produces a granular substance. It creates a small amount of smoke and a small explosion. It forces the bullet to move out of the barrel and hit its target.

It causes the ignition, due to which the bullet moves forward. It has a role in initiating the propelling action of propellant, and the small weapons use primers. They have thin primer cups. The primer used in the large weapons has thick primer cups. 

The shooting of the bullet

The shooting of the bullet involves a whole mechanism. The first step is to push the trigger. When you press the trigger, the firing pin moves forward with great force. It strikes the end of the cartridge allowing the primer to convert this energy into heat energy. This heat energy produces a spark in the propellant. It creates a small explosion. The rapid expansion of the gases causes the bullet to move forward then the bullet strikes the target. If it uses more than one bullet in the rounds. Then the necessary force would be greater. The whole structure would be re-designed to make this possible. Some bullets also use an electric primer. 

Rounds in a pistol

There exist some pistols that should load after a single shot. Most of the guns are semi-automatic. Semi-automatic pistols can fire many bullets by reloading them. It requires the force on the trigger to fire a bullet, but we can fill the bullet in the chamber itself. Repeated loading of the bullet is not needed. The number of bullets that a pistol can fire depends upon the rounds in the magazine. The magazine is present in the hollow space in the grip. A modern pistol’s magazine contains about 17 rounds. It means that a semi-automatic pistol can fire 17 bullets without loading it. Glock-17 also includes 17 rounds per magazine. 

Rounds in Ak-47

Ak-47 is the deadly gas-operated assault rifle in this price range. Russian arms designer designed Avtomat Kalashnikova. It is so famous because it has a service time of more than 30 years. Its design is simple, easy to repair. It fires 7.62mm bullets with a cartridge of 39mm size. The bullets can hit the target at a distance of 350m with a muzzle velocity of 715 m/s. In a semi-automatic Ak-47, the person releases the trigger after every shot for the next shot. In an automatic Ak-47, the bullets continue to fire. But when the rounds finish or the force removes from the trigger, it stops. A loaded magazine of Ak-47 contains 30 rounds. 


We conclude that guns differ in the number of rounds, but they have the same number of bullets in a cartridge. They contain only one bullet in a single cartridge, while some may contain many bullets. Some people only place one bullet over another in a cartridge. It may work only in close range. Doing this may affect the accuracy. People tried putting two .375 balls in a 375 case. It worked but not for a military fight. One can use such a technique for home defense. Using different guns or different weights of bullets may increase the accuracy. It cannot match the speed and accuracy of a single bullet. The military may not try it because all they need is accuracy and long-range shooting, which will affect both of them. The bullet needs more propellant to shoot out with a greater speed. If we add more propellant, it may work. 

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The ammo consists of a slug, a smokeless substance, and an igniter. Each of them has a specific ...

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The shooting of the bullet involves a whole mechanism. The first step is to push the trigger. When you press...