When I entered the world of guns, I met every beginner with the same question “how often should I reload brass?” Thus, to clear this thing, I am here with reloading 101 courses. After reading this article, you don’t have to ask your colleagues how many times you should load again. Furthermore, I am also going to share the personal advice of my gun world fellows. Also, the benefits of reloading. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly scroll down and find this beneficial information.

How Many Times Can You Reload Brass: Factors Affecting the Count

If you learn these aspects, you don’t have to ask for advice at any forums. So, learn and preach.

The reloading count is highly relatable to the quality of brass. If you buy brass from a non-trusted manufacturer, expect that you won’t get your desirable reloads. Always try to purchase high-end brass to get a good reload count.

The larger size brass caliber leads to more pressure when a shot is made. It will expand the casings further after each shot.

Don’t ever forget to check the hotness level of the gun reloads. The hot state will generate more velocity. Thus, it becomes the reason for more powder usage while shooting. Thus, the casing has to bear more pressure.

If your weapon has full-length sizing, you can expect the resizing of the whole casing. But, if your gun consists of a neck sizing die, just hope to reform the neck. You cannot change the entire casing because it will create more wear factor on brass.

You have to double-check always whether the primer pocket is clean or not. Primer pockets can easily slack, which results in a gas loss.  So, try to avoid this condition as this will produce wear and tear on brass.

I wanted to grab your attention here. If you are interested in learning more about reloading, follow the channel TRD Reloading. You can check this video  and make things more precise about the reloading counts.

Benefits of Reloading

If you are a beginner, you possibly don’t know the benefits of reloading. So, I am going to discuss these benefits to let you understand more about the reloading term.

Yes, you have read it right. Reloading first and foremost significant benefit is, it allows you to save money. If you have entered the world of firearms, you would have known about the expensive ammunition. Reloading will help you to save bucks by cutting down ammunition costs.

For instance, if the 50 44 cartridge ammunition costs you $32, buy a reload box for only $7-8. Thus, if you are using the reload box for shooting once a week, you will need two boxes per trip. So, calculate yourself you are saving $50/week. Isn’t it amazing? 

The reloading thing gives you a little extra power. You can choose what type of ammunition you are going to shoot.  Thus, if you are shooting .38 special rounds in .357 magnum, then load .38 special rounds in .357 magnum cases. In this way, you will be able to avoid “crud rings.” Moreover, you can easily update the loading process. 

Are you a person who demands accuracy at every step of life? If you are a good shooter, then precision should be your priority. The reloading process guarantees accuracy. Choose the correct combination of powder, bullet, and cartridge length. It will improve your performance with refilling.

The reloading thing will help you to learn more and more about your shotgun. You can experiment with it a lot, and that will ensure pure gun expertise.

Words from Professionals

As I have promised above, I am going to share my professional fellow’s advice as well. My trainer said he reloads straight wall brass many times. He said that if I make a rough guess, the brass is reloaded 40-50 times. Furthermore, he added that always looking after the brass and cleaning it often increases reloading counts. After reading this piece, I am sure you are going to take care of your brass as much as possible to expect 40-50 reloads.

My friend shared a story of a shooter in the USA who was using 30BR. He states that the man claimed he fired over 8,000 rounds using his barrel. He prepared 150 cases and still reloading the cases. Apollo said that the man was able to reload 50 times because he keeps an eye on cases.

Final Words

Now you know the factors that are involved in brass reloading. So, you don’t have to ask the count to be sure about reloading.

You have learned how different calibers and sizes of brass determine the count of reloading. Furthermore, you have now understood the importance of brass reloading. 

Always examine case necks, and maintain cleaning practices to save money. Moreover, it increases the life and performance of your firearm. 

🤔 Factors affecting reloading count

The reloading count is highly relatable to the quality of brass. If you buy brass from a non-trusted manufacturer...

🔍 Benefits of reloading

Reloading first and foremost significant benefit is, it allows you to save money. If you have...