If you have a delicate, classy style for home décor, you are a brass lover. The yellow brass doorknob, sconces, and fixtures show your superior taste. When the simple brass ages, the classic effect becomes quadruple. The aging process takes a long time. Therefore, to add a vintage touch to your home environment, you can learn the process of aging. 

If you are tired of your home décor, try this recipe of brass aging and add grace to the environment. Scroll down below. Find the recipe that will let your guest extol your excellent taste.

Things required to age brass

Grasp a notebook and pen. Note down the lists of things you should gather before learning the aging process. These items should be purchased:

Now you are aware of the essential things you need before aging now let’s quickly move forward towards the process.

Safety precautions before the aging process

The aging brass process requires you to follow safety precautions. Buy rubber gloves and goggles to acquire maximum safety. When working with toxic chemicals like ammonia, choose a well-ventilated area. If you follow the safety instructions correctly, your brass will age like a fine wine. 

Furthermore, the aging process requires patience. It is a bit of a tedious process, but it is worth it. If you are aging brass on your own, then it means you have complete control over it. Tarnish the brass piece according to your desire.

Methods to age brass

Below are some methods I have used to tarnish my brass. These methods are simple and require less effort. You can also watch this tutorial to make sure you understand.

Necessary pre-aging step:

Before moving towards the method. Here is a necessary step you should take to acquire efficiency. Check whether or not your brass has lacquer on it. If it is the case, you have to remove lacquer first. If you are unable to figure out the lacquer. Try to dip the brass piece into acetone or nail paint remover. A diminished shiny surface will tell you about the lacquer presence.

Pour the acetone into a container and dip the brass piece into that for a few minutes. When you feel the finish is getting gummy, quickly rinse it off with water. Follow this step more than one time to ensure the piece is lacquer-free.

Method-1 Dip it in cider vinegar:

It would be best if you had a bottle of apple cider vinegar and some salt. Prepare a mixture of 5 parts of vinegar with 1 part of salt. Pour the mixture into a plastic container. Soak the brass piece in that mixture for two to three minutes. After that, the brass is ready to place in the oven. Preheat the oven to 450-degree Fahrenheit. Place the vinegar/salt-soaked brass on a cooking sheet. Bake the piece in the oven for two hours. 

Here arises a question: how much should you bake it? So here is the answer. You can bake it according to the choice of color you want. Likewise, if you want to attain a more intense color, remove the brass from the oven and dip it again into the vinegar/salt mixture. Then place it again into the oven for thirty minutes. It will intensify the color.

Moreover, if you are a fan of verdigris look, soak again in the mixture for ten minutes. Dry it off by placing it on a soft cloth. Apply a coat of lacquer.

Method-2: Use peroxide to age your brass

Use 1 cup of peroxide and 2 oz. of white vinegar for a liquid mixture. Add ½ tsp. Salt to catalyze. In this method, the vinegar is applied first onto the brass part. The part remains intact for 2 hours to dry completely. Then, the piece is immersed in the prepared mixture until the required color is attained.

If your required color is achieved, rinse the piece under the faucet. Dry it completely before applying lacquer.

Method -3: Utilization of Household Ammonia

Ammonia is a potent chemical. You should use PPE while working with ammonia. Moreover, make sure never to reuse the container used in the aging process. Take a large container and fill it with brass pieces on paper towel layers. Soak the paper towel in ammonia and sprinkle some salt onto it. Then place the brass pieces on it and sprinkle some more salt. After that, fill these paper towels in the container and seal them. 

How much time you should soak the brass piece depends upon your preference. 

Method- 4: Use the purchased brass ager

As I have mentioned above, you can buy brass ager online or from a nearby shop. It is an instant method to age brass. You can check Amazon to buy the trusted product reviewed by many users. But do not forget to wear protective gloves and goggles while handling this. 

The brass ager is a prepared mixture. You just have to dip the piece into the solution for few minutes. The submerging of brass will help you to check the deepness and degree of patina.

Method-5: Paint it to age it

If you are a bit impatient, try this aging method. In this method, you don’t have to wait for a long time. Instead, you can paint the piece with spray paint. You will be stunned by the results, and the process takes less time to complete. 

Final words

These are some methods you can use to age your brass. Hope you are finding these methods easy and cost-efficient. These methods are more useful for small brass objects. However, you can also use these methods for large furniture pieces. Create a vintage brass look and enhance the beauty of your home.

Furthermore, if you have followed any method mentioned above, share the results with us in the comments box. Do you know of any other effective aging method? 

 Protect yourself and then enjoy the results.

🤔 Things required to age brass

Note down the lists of things you should gather before learning the aging process...

🔍 Safety precautions before the aging process

When working with toxic chemicals like ammonia, choose a well-ventilated area. If you ...