Revolver cleaning is an essential component of gun proprietorship. It is not inevitable to ensure safe functioning but is also a cue in increasing the lifespan of the revolver. For this purpose, either you have your cleaning kit or get it from any gun shop. 

Cleaning of a revolver decreases the danger of unexpected discharge. By obeying all the safety rules, you can get your gun cleaned. Make sure that the weapon is safely empty and unloaded. We can avoid such dangers and risks described above. Following are some steps to clean a revolver

Preparation of the Area

First of all, locate an area free from dust and dirt. I must prefer to Work in a higher place while cleaning a firearm because it is easier. Moreover, the gun will be far away from unwanted contact.

Avoid cleaning a firearm on a bench or desk having stains on it and a floor containing debris.

It must be preferred to lay down a paper, clean cloth, or a rug on the surface. It prevents the surface from any damage and also protects the finish of the gun.

Putting the materials and equipment together

Put together all the materials and equipment required for cleaning a firearm. We know that we could not start to work on our motorbike without taking all the things needed to do our work. So why would we do it with a gun?

Safety of firearm

Confirm the safety of the revolver. Do not forget to lock the Trigger while grasping a firearm in the right direction and unrolling the cylinder. When the cylinder is open, you can be able to see into the bore.

Remain the cylinder open to ensure that the gun has no more rounds. Look at each chamber of the cylinder and touch the cylinder confidently. If we skip any of the steps, an accident may happen.

Revolver cleaning step by step

For basic cleaning, we have to follow the steps stated below:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Famous cleaning stock

Many supplies are essential and beneficial for cleaning a firearm. Some of them are:


Such supplies crash the remaining slag left behind due to the firing. Particular chemicals and compounds are safely usable for cleaning the debris and filth on the guns. 

Revolver cleaning is comparatively an easy process. If we use our revolver for hunting or self-defence, we should keep it clean and with great care.

Cleaning of components 

After lubricating and cleaning your firearm, swab it with a dry and clean cloth. This step wipes down the oil, moisture, or residue present on the surface of the firearm due to your fingers. Once you have cleaned all components, you have to clean them with a wax treated Revolver cloth, which may help protect your firearm. Reedify and examine for any dispensation if you have cleaned your firearm and wiped down all the residue present on the gun’s surface. Now it is time to disperse your revolver. You have to take great care of each part of the firearm. Also, save the components of this part from scratches and any damage. If your firearm gets any damage, then it will decrease the value of your firearm. If your gun has any damage or scratch, we honestly advise you to take it to a Gun Shop.

Use of storage system           

If you want a long term repertory of your firearm, you have to apply safety oils and then use a storage system.

Washing your hands

Remember to wash your work area and your hands after the revolver cleaning process with a cloth to remove the residue of heavy metals such as lead.

Go to this video for the ultimate demonstration. 

🤔 Preparation of the Area

Avoid cleaning a firearm on a bench or desk having stains on it and a floor...

🔍 Safety of firearm

Confirm the safety of the revolver. Do not forget to lock the Trigger while grasping ...