Regular cleaning of the firearm increases the maintenance and lifetime of a gun. If you want to use your Ar-15 for a long time, you must spend time cleaning its firearm. If you are figuring out how to clean an AR-15, you came to the right place. Here is an ultimate guide to the cleaning of an AR-15 and all its variants.

You can check the user guide for getting information related to the variant of your AR-15 handgun.

How to clean AR-15? Steps for the cleaning:

An AR-15 is cleanable using multiple steps. Follow the given steps, and you will ultimately get your AR-15 cleaned. Before moving towards the steps, let’s look at the tools you may need for this purpose.

Equipment needed for the purpose

•        A smooth mat for cleaning the rifle.

•        Rags for cleaning.

•        Cleaning stick and cleaning brushes.

•        An AR-15 bore guide.

•        Cleaning solvents specified for handguns.

•        Recommended firearm lubricants.

Following are the steps for the cleaning of an AR-15:

1.       Cleaning of magazine

In these steps, you need to remove the ammunition from the gun. It is because different accidents can happen due to uncleansed ammunition present. Place the magazines in another room away from the cleaning area. Once you clear the magazine, check the rifle before performing the next step.

2.       Disassemble both receivers

After cleaning the rifle, go for the release of the hammer and bolt. It is impossible to separate the receivers without releasing the hammer and bolt. For this, remove the attaching and securing pins. Detach both front and back securing pins to get the receivers out.

3.       Removal of the bolt carrier and charging handle

The bolt carrier is removable by sliding it through the crevices of the upper receiver. Be vigilant while it’s the disassembly and do not let any part throw. Slide the charging handle to the rear side and then lose it and get it apart.

4.       Clean the barrel and the upper receiver

You may need the following tools for its removal and cleansing:

5.       Cleaning process

Be vigilant and conscious while working and cleaning near the gas tube. Remove all types of grease and oil from the firearm and clean the carbon remnants present on the gun with a rag. Introduce the note guide in the receiver and place it on a smooth and leveled surface. Take a cleaning brush and soak it with the cleanser or lubricant. Move this brush into the muzzle. The process can be a little tiresome. You may feel the opposite friction in moving the cleaning brush into the muzzle. Perform this step as many times until you find no contaminants on the brush. Once you get your vote cleaned, lubricate it with the oil recommended for the gun. It will help to increase the sustainability of the handgun. You can clean the chamber using a rag or a brush. Removing the gun chamber is essential for the removal of any carbon or dust.

6.       Cleaning of the bolt carrier

The bolt carrier is present in its place with the help of a pin. You can use a wrench to remove the securing pins. After removing the chamber, its cleaning will be easier. After the removal of the firing pin, release it. Now you can rotate the cam pin to set it at the 11 o’clock position. When the cam pin gets reduced, the chamber will get removed. Inspect the bolt, firing pins, and cam pins to remove the debris or the carbon. Look for any damage or breakage. Also, check the chamber for any damage. Check that the screws or nuts of the gas tube are fixed or not. After checking all the points and screws, lubricate the whole chamber. You can use a brush for the lubricating of the pins and screws. Apply a thin layer of gun oil on all parts before reassembly. Also, clean the charging handle with the rag and lubricate it as well.

7.       Clean and inspect the lower receiver.

Remove all the grime from the receiver and clean it thoroughly. After this, check the trigger. Make sure that all the securing pins, nuts, and bolts are firm at their place. Clean the carbon build-up from the trigger. Also, remove the excess lubricant. This place can get a lot of dirt and debris. So, you must be very conscious of its cleaning. Check the mechanism of the release of magazines. If the process is not smooth, go for the removal of the dirt and debris.

Similarly, inspect the pivoting of the bolt and remove all the particles that hinder this process. Lubricate all the parts before the reassembly of the gun parts. Remove the buffer and clean it.

8.       Reassembly

Reinstall all the parts and handles. Secure all the nuts and pins firmly in their place. Hold the pins tight in their position and check for a functionality test after reassembly.

If you are still confused, go for this video for complete and visual understanding.

🤔 Steps for the cleaning of an AR-15

In these steps, you need to remove the ammunition from the gun. It is because different accidents can happen due to uncleansed ...

🔍 Equipment needed for the purpose

A smooth mat for cleaning the rifle...