The Glock-19 is among the most widely known guns in America, and for a good reason. Dependable, precise, and informal to preserve, it’s the most desired self-protective weapon for people of all ages or genders. However, it requires cleaning and lubrication regularly. Here is how to clean this pistol in easy steps.

Field stripping and cleaning a Glock may appear to be a difficult chore, but with the correct equipment and a little know-how, it can be completed in under 15 minutes. Exploring the owner’s manual can be tedious, and it doesn’t always lead you where you need to go, which is why is here to help. To ensure you receive the cleanest Glock on the block, we’ve broken the process down step-by-step. Luckily, all Glocks dismantle in almost the same way, so you may use these instructions regardless of the model you have. To begin, we must organize our tools to start the task.

How to Clean Glock 19 Correctly?

This article will show you how to disassemble a Glock 19 (G19) for cleaning reasons alone. It is intended for this gun, though its owners may look highly similar to other Glock variants. You don’t need to know how to disassemble anything, but it’s a good idea. After reassembly, always perform a function test on the weapon (unloaded).

It involves pulling the slide back and letting it return to its original position while squeezing the trigger to ensure the hammer moves forward. Final assembly is as simple as going back through the steps. Make sure you don’t lose your pieces by keeping them close by. Missing components might result in miss fires or cause the weapon to malfunction.

Cleaning the Glock-19

This process will involve the following items, which may be obtained on Amazon or eBay or at your local gun shop.

Drag the shift back approximately 1/2 inch and pull it down upon this slide stop to release it. It will free the slide from either the triggered housing group and let you slide it off.

If you don’t know what the frames house group is, don’t remove it. It is a far riskier option that makes changes that are not perfect for beginners. It is a sufficient distance for polishing the frames. You may cleanse the tiny gaps in this region with the Q-tips mentioned in the introduction. As much as possible, dampen the area with the prescribed cleanser and eliminate any carbon from the crevasses.

The frame, which contains the trigger, and the slide, which houses the barrels and triggers, will now be independent gun components.

To begin, just replace the cartridge spring by drawing it out. Then slide the barrel up and back to extract it. It dislodges it from its holders and allows you to remove it. The slider should now be separated into three parts: the recoil spring, the barrel, as well as the sliding group.


Applying the handgun lubrication and a cloth, wash and dry the sliding, rebound band, and front of the barrel. Use the Cotton Hole patches to clean the interior of the cylinder and pass it over with the hole punches. To guarantee that the carbon is removed first from the interior of the barrels, this will have to be done multiple times. You could also inspect the barrels directly to determine if any debris remains. Please ensure all graphite waste is eradicated. Also, don’t let the pieces become too dry. Leave a small coat of lubricant on your firearm to make it simpler to use. It will be less likely to clog as a result of all this.

Pull the hammer or screw forward till it clicks in favor of removing it. A tiny green releasing button is located beneath the striker. Slide the rear plate off slide by simply pressing on the trigger. As, it is moderately driven, be cautious while releasing it, as this may cause another backing to fly off.

After that, unscrew the extraction screw and pull out the hammer. Then pull out the screwdriver, which will fall out itself. For functioning, you may clean back and leave these components, as well as gently oil them.

It is the maximum amount of disassembly I recommend for cleaning purposes. Use the specified products to keep cleaning all components of the pistol. To avoid future clogs while using the gun, wipe any carbon from parts, and please ensure they are mildly lubricated.


Reconfigure the gun by following the procedures in reverse order. Do a quality check (unloaded) and assure you hear the hammer has been sent home. Do it a few times to check everything is in place.

🤔 Disassembly Glock-19

To ensure you receive the cleanest Glock on the block, we've broken the process down step-by-step...

🔍 Cleaning Glock-19

Drag the shift back approximately 1/2 inch and pull it down upon this slide stop to ...