Are you finding a bit of difficulty in disassembling your 1911 revolver? Well, here we are with an easy guideline which will help you with it.

Many generations ago, shooters disassembled a 1911 pistol very easily. It was when Uncle Sam’s choice was the M1911 platform. The 1911 pistol was manufactured in the year 1911 to serve the U.S army. It is unquestionably the best revolver ever made. There is no sidearm from the history of 102 years, which is still being valued even today. Firstly, it was used during WWI. Then after some modifications, M1911A1 was used during WWII by Korea and Vietnam. Although the standard sidearm officially replaced this gun in 1985, a lot of 1911 variety is in service today.

History of 1911

Users recommend 1911 pistols for their easy, reliable, and simple design and look. Although the design has been used for more than a century now, 1911 pistols are still in service, likely other modern equipment. 

Today’s 1911s are well-equipped and highly refined pistols for various scenarios. They are used for personal defense, target shooting, hunting, or military operations.

Colt was the original manufacturer of the military weapon, but passing the years, many manufacturers have invented 1911 style pistols. Some of the changes in design involve the recoil of assembly.

Others use a recoil rod, which requires a slightly changed technique to field the strip. They have in common the primary field strip for 1911 guns with GI-style recoil spring and recoil rod. No tools are needed to strip a field of a GI-style 1911, only a paper clip or hex wrench for those models having a recoil rod. Maintenance and cleaning of your gun are one of the primary responsibilities if you have a gun. 

It would help if you cleaned your weapon to clear so that its mechanisms are clear from rust, erosion, or any other complications. It will ensure the life of your gun. If you constantly clean up your pistol, it provides you with accurate and improved shooting, and it will not ditch you at the very moment when you will need it. And field stripping is a primary component in disassembling your gun for routine maintenance and cleaning. 

1911 is a bit harder to field strip, but still we can do it in no time if you follow the proper guideline. Stripping and cleaning a 1911 pistol is really straightforward than you might consider it. It is comparatively an easier procedure than any other pistol from our era, as it was designed for military operations or an open-carry handgun. In this field, it is necessary to have an easy-to-handle pistol. 

Before we go through the disassembling and cleaning of the 1911, let me recommend some tools and lubes to clean the 1911 pistol or any other gun.

How to Disassemble 1911?

Here we have the step-by-step instructions through which you can disassemble your 1911 pistol or any other gun as well.

Step 1:

Keep your gun in a safe direction and then eject its magazine. Make sure you keep your finger off the trigger.

Step 2:

Check its chamber if any bullets are there or not. Make sure that the magazine is removed and the pistol is unloaded. Now, we are safe to proceed.

Step 3:

When you are sure that the chamber is empty and safe, forward the slide, then engages your thumb safely.

Step 4:

Now it’s the turn to remove the barrel bushing. Here, there are two ways to remove the barrel bushing. You require a bushing wrench for any tightly fitted bushing. It will be handy for this step. When you are short of any bushing tool, you can easily manage this step by pressing its recoil plug with your hand and rotating the bushing with the other one. Rotate its bushing clockwise by 90 degrees (if we look down the muzzle toward the chamber of your pistol). The recoil spring plug is always under immense pressure, and it launches out if you don’t keep it in control. When all the bushing is clear, let out its plug carefully. 

Step 5:

Now remove its plug from the spring, and disengage its safety. 

Step 6:

Now push its slide back. Its round cut-out should be aligned perfectly with the top raised of the slide stop. The notch should also be aligned perfectly. Now push the slide out from its right side.

Step 7:

Pull it out from the left side of the gun. 

Step 8:

Holding its slide, remove the slide and keep it aside.

Step 9:

Now you have to Invert your 1911 then pull off its frame of the slide. If you hold your gun in an upside-down manner, it will prevent the recoil spring guide rod from interrupting the procedure.

Step 10:

Now push out the barrel and make sure that the bushing slides out with it.

Step 11:

Now with the help of your finger or any old firing pin of a 1911 revolver, you have to press the firing pin of your current pistol at the slide’s back. Then, stop down the firing pin. Here, you have to be careful that once you stop out the firing pin, it moves towards the slide quickly.

Step 12:

Use a nylon brush to clean the barrel and slide. An old toothbrush can also be used for scrubbing purposes. Then, use canned air to blow out the excess solvent of your gun. Lube your gun with a tiny amount of oil. Don’t use extra oil as it will attract dust and dirt. Use a soft and dry cloth to clean the internal and external places of your 1911. Wipe your gun gently with the fabric. Apply one drop of oil outside the barrel and along each rail. Then rub your magazine with a patch dipped in CLP to clean. After you are done with cleaning, spray the frame and receiver with CLP. 

As you are done with the ordinary cleaning of 1911 or any other gun, you can reassemble your 1911 in the reverse order. But take care that you avoid the idiot scratch.

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Today’s 1911s are well-equipped and highly refined pistols for various scenarios. They are used for ...