Apart from fun facts or amusement purposes of firearms, weapons play a substantial role in criminal investigation, criminal chasing, and defending your lives. Commonly, a story exists behind every firearm weapon. It can tell positive, as well as negative aspects of it. 

To reduce the black sides of weapons, first of all, try to learn about their use. Whether it is a handgun, shotgun, and long gun, or pistol, its shape should be comfortable for use. If the form is not compatible with your position and mindset balance, it can create a dangerous situation. Even though the gun form, as a whole, has a part in shooter activity, but here we will talk about its butt shape. We will highlight how it can get alternated following our convenience. 

But how to get rid of a Square Butt?

Butt generally referred to the as thicker or rounded ending of something. For instance, the end part of a rifle stock is the butt. It is a section of a gun that gets held by hand or shouldered.

However, the butt or back part of the weapon is also famous as gunstock, Buttstock, stock, or shoulder stock. It makes available structural pillar to gun portion from where barrel, action, and shooting mechanism carried out. 

Square butt

In a square butt revolver, the back portion of your gunstock is flat. The stock has lower corners. But the grip shape seems to be K or L. That is why people want to fix the square butt shape to a round butt. Round butting includes getting rid of metal at the blackstrap and from the lower corners of the gun frame. Let’s discuss some tips to do it. 

Jig for grinding square butt

For grinding square shoulders, stock into a round form a jig is the only way to go. Different jigs are available in the market for this intention. The jig is a piece of metal. You put this piece of metal on the frame of your gun stock and then break up the metal in such a way that the final looks match according to your wish. I must say that square butt can get converted to round butt. But the conversion of round to square shape is an almost impossible task. So you can think once before doing this. 

B&R fitting jigs

Just like people are conscious about their looks, they also seem aware of their belongings. If you are looking for a recoil pad fitting jig, then B&R fitting jigs are one of the best options. The rationale behind this is that these jigs call for escalating and adjusting on an angle no greater than one. It clings to the pad firmly with the craved surface in upward mobility. This position adds to the comfort level of the user. The Brownells jigs are made of aluminum. You must have stopped short as the grinding machine or tool would crash in the soft aluminum jigs. 

Miles Gilbert Jigs

Another eye-catching choice of jigs is Miles Gilbert jigs. Their appealing power is due to stops for both toe and the heel. You can preset stopping for toe as well as for heel. 

Preparing your jigs

Above mentioned jigs are expensive. Although you can avail of another alternative of B&R and Miles Gilbert, you can also manufacture jigs on your own. 

Using old round grips

If you cannot avail of any fixture for shaping your firearm butt or can’t afford those fixtures, then you don’t need to worry much about this. You can use old round grips for this purpose. It is an easy, trouble-free process. For instance, you want to fix a square butt. Take an older round grip and use it as a template. Create an outline out of some tablet backers. Mark this outline on the target grip frame using a well point sharpie. Then grind it using a belt sander. You can use the dermal and coarse file or any other grinding piece of equipment to accomplish this task. 

Which metal template can get used for fixing square-shaped butt?

Different metals get considered to resolve this issue. Even¼ a hard-edged steel cover allows you to change the K or L form of square butt to round butt model. Any hardened metal, aluminum, steel, or hardened steel are different preferences according to gun type. If there is no one, just wood grips can get used as a cut-out. Stainless steel is even easier to cut out than hardened one. 

Other tips