Welcome here; this is “how to hold a revolver 101,” and I am your instructor. Just kidding, I am not an instructor, but I can share few tips that I learned back then. I was adventurous since my childhood, and at the age of 20th, I joined shooting classes. At that time, I thought shooting is the only difficult thing here. But believe me, grasping a revolver is far more important and difficult. 

Therefore, if you wanted to become a professional shooter, start with learning tips and tricks for holding a revolver. Are you familiar with gripping and grasping terms? Let me share the difference between the two to clear everything. 

How to Hold a Revolver Correctly?

What is grasp?

To grasp a revolver is the act of holding a revolver. 

What is the grip?

To grip is to hold the portion of the revolver. 

Both of the terms are mistakenly used in the place of each other. Therefore, I am clearing it first that we are here discussing how to grasp a revolver.

Without further ado, now quickly scroll down and learn steps.

Why holding a revolver correctly is important?

As I have explained earlier, grasping a revolver is an important step. It is vital to ensure your safety and to become a pro-shooter. Safety is an obvious cause, but here I am going to discuss some technical causes as well: 

What are the techniques to hold a firearm flawlessly?

There are two important techniques to learn to hold a gun properly. You can follow one of the two techniques according to your comfortability.

Hide your thumb, hold your gun:

It is the most common technique and the first lesson every trainer teaches. Moreover, you can find a lot of information regarding this technique on social media. If you want to learn this technique, you can watch this video here-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vY5B2Hjwkk. It is an informative video with special forces instructions. 

To use this technique, you should grasp the revolver and align it with your face. Furthermore, curl up your dominant hand thumb in a way that it faces downward. Your palm should be placed on the grip and should avoid interference with the movement of the hammer. Your thumb is tucked, and your middle finger is on the trigger. Squeeze the trigger but avoid shaking your hand.

The next step should be to use your supported hand fingers in place of your dominant hand fingers. Moreover, place your supported hand’s heels and thumb with the dominant hand heels and thumb to firm your grip. But be cautious and keep the thumb out of the way to avoid injury. 

Problems with this technique?

The main issue associated with this technique is the interference of the thumb with the trigger finger. But the good thing is, you can slightly change the position of the thumb to refrain from this interference. 

Wrap your thumb, grasp your gun:

The technique is somewhat similar to the above technique. Like, you have to curl up your thumb, raise your gun and place your middle finger under the trigger. The special step of this technique is to use your support hand palm to cover the web of the dominant hand. It is the most efficient technique to use as a beginner because it provides a firm grasp. 

The following technique has two issues.

  1. If you are fond of semi-auto guns, this technique is not ideal for you. You can choose the tucked thumb one for semi-auto guns.
  2. The technique is not effective for large-size guns. This method is ideal for small guns like Ruger SP 101 and LCR.

What are the techniques not suitable to hold a firearm?

Maybe just like me, you are fascinated with action movies. The way the protagonist holds the guns captivates every gun lover’s mind. But in reality, these action movies are not always showing real techniques. So, below are the gun holding practices that are not suitable.

Teacup holding style:

The dominant hand is on the grip, whereas the supporting hand is below the grip. Do you think it is comfortable? No, not at all. The supporting hand will create a problem, and this will lose the grasp.

Crossing thumb holding style:

This style is a dangerous one of all. The slide of the gun can create muscle strain which results in thumb injuries. 

Furthermore, always remember to offload your gun before practicing the holding techniques to save yourself and others from any incident.

🤔 Why holding a revolver correctly is important?

If you are holding a revolver correctly, the chances of the missing target are very low...

🔍 What are the techniques to hold a firearm flawlessly?

It is the most common technique and the first lesson every trainer teaches. Moreover, ...