I am a big fan of action-thriller games packed with fighting scenes. Every other action game deal with shooting scenarios where you have to fight with enemies using guns. It is all fun and game until you have to deal with the real shotgun. In May, I started shooting classes the first time I was handed over a shotgun. I hold the gun like I hold an infant for the first time -carefully and foots away from my body. My trainer laughed and taught me how I should have the shotgun perfectly. So, I decided to share those tips to save you from embarrassing the first moment you hold a gun.

10 Helpful Tips to Hold a Shotgun

Don’t be shy. Your trainer knows it’s your first time. Therefore, you should begin with the help of your coach. Ask him about the position of a gun on the shoulder and where to hold the barrel. In this way, you will be able to understand little tactics.

The stock wrist is the narrowest part at the back end of the gun. Place your palm on the stock wrist to tightly hold the weapon. Move the gun upward; the palm holding the stock wrist should be along with the level of your cheek. When the hand is along with the cheek level, your eyes will see the barrel when pointing the gun. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good grip.

Your index finger should be rest on the trigger. At the same time, the thumb and fingers should be on the smallest part of the stock wrist. Try to shop for a thinner stock grip to get a comfortable grip.

When one hand is on the stock wrist, you should use the other hand to grip the fore-end. Hold the fore-end diagonally or in a way that your pointer finger should be along the line of the barrel. To possess a more natural pointing feel, you should extend your index finger and align it with the barrel.

When holding a gun, you should remember to avoid stretching or scrunching arms. The gun should be held in a way that feels natural. The elbow should be loose and relaxed with a 45-degree Celsius angle to grab the gun firmly and naturally.

If you want to measure how much should you lift the gun? You should measure it by raising the stock to the ridge of your cheekbone. In this way, you will be able to place your eyes in line with the barrel. Furthermore, try to lift your shoulders to avoid strain on the back.

Your shoulder and pectoral muscles have a space between them. It is precisely the space where you need to wedge your gun’s flat back end (butt). The weight of the gun should be on your shoulder, and you have to hold it tight there. Hence, the gun will remain steady during recoiling. But be cautious; you have to avoid wedging butt into your armpits. If you hold it in your armpits, chances are your muscles will sore after a day of shooting practice.

While holding a gun, it is essential to have your neck and head comfortably. It would be best if you held your neck firm and straight to avoid muscle tiredness.

While holding a gun, you should also check your standing position. Your legs should be shoulder-width apart. Moreover, the knees should be slightly bent to maintain balance. In this way, you will move the gun and hold it steadily for a shot.

Placed your foot on the ground by slightly moving forward your left leg (if you are right-handed and vice versa). Try to distribute your weight on your feet carefully. However, the balls of the feet should bear more weight to provide perfect balance while holding and shooting.

Wrapping up:

Suppose you aim to be as famous as Jerry Miculek, the fastest and most phenomenal shooter globally. It would help if you practiced the shooting techniques. But, at first, you should learn to hold a gun perfectly because holding a gun is equally vital as shooting. Try to practice the gun holding tactics in Infront of a mirror. This dry mounting practice will help you to learn the weight and balance techniques. However, you should not continue this practice for more than four minutes per session. 

Moreover, you can also watch this fantastic YouTube tutorial by Chris Cheng. 

This one is my favorite tutorial, and this helped me a lot. 

🤔 10 helpful tips to hold a shotgun:

Don’t be shy. Your trainer knows it’s your first time. Therefore, you should begin with ...

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When holding a gun, you should remember to avoid stretching or scrunching ...