When I entered the world of guns, everything was fascinating. I wanted to learn about every part of a gun to understand shooting well. That was the time when I asked this question from my trainer. Yes! The same question you are searching for. How to load a magazine was super science. One day I learned this from a friend who joined the cop’s force at a very young age. From that day, I started practicing the technique he shared with me. Believe me, all my concerns regarding loading a magazine blew away. That’s how this statement came true that an “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” So, I decided to share that pretty simple technique here to help my gun world fellows. One thing you should remember before learning this technique is to work smarter rather than working harder. If you are practicing this, then the magazine loading championship trophy is all yours, my friend. Are you excited enough for this? Then scroll down below.

My cop friend James first asked me to get the firearm basics before knowing the loading magazine technique well. Therefore, I am sharing here the firearm basics first to help you learn this by heart.

Things you should know about firearms:

As James suggests, we are here using a new Magpul Magazine. The reason for choosing this magazine is its affordable price and good recognition. People find PMags more reliable than other magazines. But it is considered difficult to handle. That is why I chose this to make it clear out. I like Magpul Magazine because of its benefits of emergency magazine removal. 

Step by step guide to load a magazine:

Loading a magazine will be an easier thing for you if you watch this video.

Here you can find tips from Chris Cheng to make this process a piece of cake for you. 

As James said, loading a magazine is an art. So, to become a pro artist, you should do the same as mentioned below:

Step-1 Ammunition check

So, the magazine is with you? Great! But wait for a second, have you checked the ammunition? When James asked me about this, I got puzzled. I didn’t check the ammunition. After his question, I learned about the importance of ensuring the right ammunition. According to James, around 40% of shooters load incorrect ammo in a magazine, which results in disaster. 

After the ammunition check, don’t forget to identify which side is the front of the magazine. The beginners are usually confused between the front side and the back side. Therefore, to know which side is exactly the front, check for the magazine’s feed lips. 

Step-2 Use left hand for right loading

Once you have checked the ammunition, it’s time for you to put the magazine in your hand. Use your left hand for a good hold. The left hand can firmly hold the magazine. Moreover, the right hand can hold the rounds. 

It’s time for the first round. Push the round down quickly using your thumb. Make sure the rails are cleared. If the rails are cleared, then the round perfectly slides in it. 

Step-3 Go for another round

James and I agreed on this thing that magazines should be filled to their capacity extent. Don’t believe that it will be difficult for you to feed them. When you are moving towards the second or third round by using the thumb of the hand-holding magazine. Push the top cartridge down the magazine using the thumb of your left hand. The thumb will push down the cartridge, but at the same time, you should use the back portion of the next round.

Step-4 The genius technique

As I have mentioned in the above part, a unique trick will make your loading experience fun. So, here is the tip. You can use your wrist and forearm muscles to load a magazine.  Just turn around the magazine and use your thumb to press ammo down. The wrist and forearm will act as a stabilizer. 

Tools to help loading magazine

When James started his career as a trainer, he searched for many tools to make this loading thing easier. His students find it easier to use these devices for a perfect loading experience. You can also check these devices:


Uplula is a tool used for loading and unloading magazines.  This simply constructed device will help you to press down the follower. This device will quickly push down the rounds in the magazine. 

ETS C.A.M Loader

The ETS Company makes Glock and AR magazines. The speed loader will help to load the magazine in handguns quickly. You can insert the magazine into the CAM loader. Moreover, you can use the rail in the device to slide up 10 rounds. 

Armory tool

This tool is super cool, and it can easily fit in your pocket. The tool consists of two tabs. One is used to load the magazine and another one for unloading. The tab on the device helps to push down the cartridges instead of rounds. 

Final words

I hope these tips and tricks will help you to understand this magazine loading phenomenon. If you love your handgun, then you have to take care of your mags as well. Clean your magazine to avoid any weak links. If this information is useful for you, do let us know in the comment section. 

🤔 Things you should know about firearms:

The reason for choosing this magazine is its affordable price and good recognition. People find PMags more ...

🔍 Step by step guide to load a magazine:

Step-1 Ammunition check: So, the magazine is with you? Great! But wait for a second,...