How to make a Silencer out of PVC pipe?


You can take two eggs, break them into a bowl. Add a little amount of salt and pepper to the bowl. Cut some onion, pepper, and tomatoes. Add them into the bowl, beat the egg until fluffy. Now you can switch on the flame, add oil to your pan. Put the egg mixture in the pan with a sizzling sound, then add some cheese at the end. Here is my favorite Egg omelet recipe. Oh! But I forgot you are not here for this recipe. 

You want to bake a silencer from the PVC pipe mixture. Then do not worry; you can find this perfect silencer from a PVC pipe recipe here. My expert colleagues have trained me about this two years ago. Since then, I have trained many beginners to save them from buying expensive silencers. Well! I have also told them this cheese omelet recipe. Trust me, they all are loving it. Do try these two recipes on the expert recommendation. You will love them both, I am sure.

How to make a Silencer out of PVC pipe the best way?

The silencer from PVC pipe is an idea used to help the poor shooters. If you do not want to spend a couple of bucks on an expensive silencer, this information is for you. Do read it till the end to clear any confusion.

My old friend Clark loves to try new things. He guided me about this approach. But here is an important thing you should know before learning this approach. You have to check your current resident state law to proceed further. I am giving this suggestion because some states have banned silencers. Check if your country is following this law before making up your mind.

Things you should have to make a silencer from PVC pipe

A short video tutorial on silencer making from PVC pipe will more easily understand the process. Note down the things I am mentioning below. Gather them from the shop near you to avoid any fuss during the manufacturing process.

It would be best if you had a:

  • 1.5” PVC pipe
  • Some old CD’s (probably present in your drawers, check)
  • Pair of scissors 
  • Athletic tape to secure
  • Froth
  • Epoxy glue

Do not forget splash paints; this will give a nice aesthetic appeal to your newly designed silencer.

8 Steps you should follow to make a silencer out of polyvinyl resin pipe

I am here to make a suppressor for my paintball gun. Follow this guide to the end step by step to avoid any confusion. 

Step #1: Measure the diameter of your gun’s barrel first

Measuring the gun barrel will let you know the exact measurement of the silencer you need. Take a measuring tape in your hands and place it between the widest part of the circular barrel and the end of the barrel. Done with the measurement? Great! Move towards step two.

Step#2: Cut the PVC accurately

Once you have measured the diameter and distance across the barrel, you are ready to cut the PVC. Measure the PVC and cut it into the desired length. If you cut the PVC into 3”-5” pieces, you will probably not like it because it will go above the muzzle. Try to cut the PVC to 2”; this will go over the barrel.

Step#3: Learn to make baffles

It is not possible to talk about silencers without talking about baffles. It is the circular separator in the expansion chamber. To make it, gather the old CDs. Let’s say if you have 5 CDs like me, this will make your work easy. Place the opening part of your CD at the end of PVC. Adjust the focal point of PVC. Now you can mark this location where PVC is on the CD. To make a ring, you should cut the marked dimensions using scissors. Check whether or not the ring is fixed inside the PVC accurately. Use sandpaper to smooth the edges.

Step#4: Apply a damper

A foam will act as a damper here. Cut the foam in a length that will surround the PVC a single time. Done with it? Now expect a damping sound.

Step#5: Note the spacing

To place baffles and foam in a manner that will maximize benefit, you should note down the spacing between them. Mark the distance between each baffle. In the same manner, surround the froth on a PVC with sufficient space between each round.

Step#6: Now gather baffles, froth all together

It is an essential step where you are going to put everything together. Place the baffles carefully on the marked spaces. Now place the froth in a way that it presses against the baffle. Here epoxy will help you to secure everything in the right place. 

Step#7: It’s time to build a silencer

Is everything on the pipe? That’s great. Now cut the CD according to the outside of your PVC. Now use epoxy glue as much as you can to fill the gaps and make a smooth surface. After the glue is dried completely, you can use sandpaper to scrape off excess glue. Now paint it whatever color you want. I prefer the dark brown shade.

Step#8: Attach the silencer with the weapon

Use the athletic tape mentioned above to wrap your barrel in this step. Also, use the tape to slide the silencer on the barrel.


Finally!! You are done with the PVC silencer. It will surely make you super happy like me. My God, I have enjoyed every single step. Are you preparing for a hunting trip? The silencer is essential. A damp sound will avoid any kind of noise pollution.

Moreover, a missed shot will not warn the animal. I am sure you have learned to make silencers on your own.  Have you enjoyed this? Are you using any other technique to make a silencer? Then comment down below and share your experiences.

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