Mounting a scope may look technical but believe me, it’s worth it. 

Here we are back with some tips and hacks to make you the professional shooter you always dream of. You are asking yourself to learn to mount because you care about your gun. We care about your weapon as well. Thus, we are going to share the easiest method to mount a scope. 

Not to brag, but I was the only one in my group “who learns mounting a scope” at an intermediate level. Others were not interested at that time. But time proves that I made a wise decision at an early stage. So, that is why I decided to share these simple tricks. Quickly drag the cursor below. Find out the reason for avoiding the help of a professional gunsmith. 

Why should you mount your scope?

I know you already want to mount your scope; that is why you are here. But I decided to include this part to admire your decision and clear out any confusion. Mounting a scope of your own is essential to ensure the efficiency of your rifle. The professional man you hired to mount your scope can make mistakes. Thus, his errors will affect the precision. When you mount your scope by yourself properly, you can diagnose any problem with the rifle easily. Improper scoping will lead to improper shooting. I am sure you hate this nasty shooting term, like me. 

6 steps to follow while mounting a scope properly:

This do-it-yourself guide will provide you enough information about mounting basics. Here I am also sharing a cool video that will ease this process.

Moreover, here are the steps you should follow accordingly:

Step-1: Gather the tools is the first rule

How can you mount the scope if you don’t have the right tools for it? Visit your nearest shop or buy online the tools listed below.

Step-2: Scope mounting apparatus saves the day 

Use any of the two-ring setups mentioned below to mount the scope properly:

Scope ring plus the base is equal to easy setup:

It is the most common setup that can be quickly done to mount the scope. Use a scope ring with a base piece. This method is further modified to base/ring lightweight allows mount. If you are going hunting, this setup is preferable. 

Rail and scope ring set up for long-range

This setup consists of Pictionary rail mounting to a gun barrel and then attaching scope rings to the rail. This one-piece setup allows the shooter to shoot at a longer distance. The alignment of the scope rail and the scope ring on the same plane makes this setup ideal for a wide range. The rail may increase the weight. In that case, you can opt for lightweight rails.

Moreover, this setup comes with a double bonus. If you want to level the scope, then choose this. The rails support the accurate setting of the reference level. 

Furthermore, do not forget to check the size of your scope rings. It is essential for proper mounting. You can buy a scope ring of 30mm or 1’’.

Step-3: Fix your gun steadily

Fixing the gun is an essential step before mounting the scope. Either use a gun vice or bench vice to stabilize it. Moreover, some homemade contraptions can also help to keep your gun stable. When you are messing with the scope, your gun should be steadily fixed. 

Step-4: Mount the bottom piece

The mounting base process depends upon the setup (mentioned above) you have chosen. If you follow the rail ring scope ring combination, apply a thin layer of oil under the rail before mounting. Moreover, ensure that the mounting screws are free from oil. You can apply blue Loctite as well. 

If rail ring scope ring combination is not your type, choose a base/ring combination. The procedure for mounting is the same. However, the position of mounting differs. Mount the lower half to get the horizontal part of the base. It will be easier to set the reference level.

Step-5: Aligned the rifle scope

Leveling the rifle is quite a tedious task. When I started mounting a scope, I find it challenging to balance appropriately. It may take time, but with practice, you can become a pro easily. The techniques are based upon the hardware you are using for mounting. People may say a plumb line is the only way to align crosshair. At the same time, other people are sure that a good bubble level is perfect. 

By leveling means, you are adjusting the horizontal plane with gun action. It is essential to face a shooting error if the scope is rotated to some degree, left or right. Below I am mentioning some points you can follow to level the scope:

  1. Barrel clamp level on gun barrel placement.
  2. Placement of reference level on rail or bus.
  3. Adjustment of the reference level.
  4. Usage of the micro adjuster to adjust barrel clamp level.
  5. Placement of rings on the scope.
  6. Adjustment of scope for eye relief.
  7. Placement of rifle in your gun vice.

Step-6: Alter reticle focus

You have mounted your scope properly; great! Now look for reticle focus. Adjusting reticle focus is essential to get a crisp image from your scope. Here I am sharing a quick test to determine if your reticle focus is adjusted or not.

Close your eyes and hold your gun in a shooting position. Open your eyes, and you quickly look through the reticle. This thing will determine the reticle focus. If you are not getting a crisp image, adjust your reticle. 

Wrapping up

I am sure this is enough information to mount a scope on your own. You are now ready to take this challenge. However, if you still have any questions regarding this. Do let me know in the comment section below. Practice a lot to become a professional. Happy shooting!

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Mounting a scope of your own is essential to ensure the efficiency of your rifle. The professional ...

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Step-1: Gather the tools is the first rule ...