People who aren’t familiar with colt serial numbers may find it difficult to read. Although these codes have minimal effect on the efficiency of weapons, they are one of the most excellent methods to track the origins of a gun. The numerals, prefixes, and suffixes all convey historical data about the gun. However, the difficulty is that not everybody understands them.

Colt serial numbers record the history of each pistol, but finding them correctly is difficult. If you’d like to read and understand Colt serial numbers, this article can help you. Here are some simple steps to follow while understanding numbers and some valuable facts regarding Colt’s serial regulations.

Techniques for reading Colt serial numbers:

There are many ways that you can use to find how to read a colt serial number. Although some are pretty easy and quick, and some are freaking hard. In this written piece, we talk about the comparatively easier ones, okay?

1.The Quick Method:

It is the simplest method for reading colt serial numbers, and all praise goes to modern technologies. Firstly, go to the “Colt” site and select “Customer Service.” Following your click, you would see an option labeled “Serial Number Lookup.” Insert your serial numbers by clicking them. Please wait for it, and there you have it! It is the simplest and fastest method of reading a serial number. It’s essential to keep in mind that the information isn’t yet complete.

Yet, I do not favor this method; the ideal approach is reading and understanding the numbers correctly. Because the most straightforward way does not always yield the most precise results, certain old weapons have serial numbers that match the other versions. So, while this technique is quick, it is not yet wholly accurate.

The Reliable Method:

It will price you a little money to use this technique, but know what? It is the most trustworthy – the most efficient approach. Colt supplies its clients with a research service that includes the brand’s official archive statement verifying the gun’s origin.

The statement will include all data about the guns, including authentic characteristics and specifications and the shipping address. The archive letter mainly contains necessary data of history that can increase the overall worth of that weapon. However, it will not mention a few specific modifications, such as the barrels, modified caliber, markings, and finish. The letter will not include any non-manufacturer marks. As a result, its description doesn’t always precisely portray the actual configuration of your pistol.

As I previously mentioned, you will have to invest some money to obtain this facility. It would be best to spend a price to get the letter, which varies based on your Colt model. For regular items, the cost is usually approximately $100. Historic models might cost up to $300.For instance, you may have to invest a few hundred dollars on something like the 1851 Navy; it would be worth the greens.

Those are simply the starting prices. Other considerations, such as custom engraving and delivery location, might significantly increase the final price.

Prefix & Suffix:

Do not go looking for something like a grammar book! This technique has nothing to do with the Oxford English Dictionary. Specific codes are simple to read because they are simply the acronym of the gun’s name. As a result, you can discover that a few of them are simple to learn. For instance:

·         SA stands for Single Action

·         NF stands for New Frontier

·         SP indicates to Sporter, and

·         MT refers to Match Target.

Another common prefix or suffix seems to be a capital C, which signifies a model designed for commercial usage. In other situations, the letters are merely used to indicate the year of manufacturing of the object. Is it not puzzling? However, if you like to determine the actual date of the rifle, you’ll need to obtain a reference table and compare the letters with the production year.

Model Codes:

Colt model codes take work and effort since they include a lot of data about a weapon’s origin.

Understanding these codes can allow you to learn about some essential aspects of your pistol when it is in the belt. For example, a colt’s Single Action model typically only has a prefix letter and four numbers. The prefix identifies the frame type, and the number specifies the barrel length, grip, model, caliber, etc.

The first number of your weapon’s model code, “1,” indicates a simple frame with the actual model, while “2,” “3,” and “4” indicate later variants of the weapon. A 2 seems to have a Colt Custom Store frame, but A 3 does have a non-standard frame. There are unique versions that use A 7 and A 8.

When it comes to firearm caliber, the second number of the model code represents it.

·         A 4 represents .32 to .20,

·         A 6 represents .357,

·         A 7 represents .44,

·         A 8 represents .45, and

·         A 9 represents .44 to .40.

The third digit represents the weapon’s caliber.

·         A 3 indicates 3 or 4 inches,

·         A 4 shows 4.75 or 5 inches,

·         A 5 shows 5.5 inches,

·         A 7 shows 7.5 inches, and

·         A 1 shows 12 inches.

Ultimately, the fourth number represents the gun’s finish.

·         A 1 signifies a nickel or pure blue finish,

·         A 2 signifies a nickel or blue case-hardened finish,

·         A 3 illustrates a plain nickel finish,

·         A 4 signifies a Royal Blue case-hardened finish, and

·         A 6 indicates a nickel finish.

The significance of the fourth number is heavily dependent on the preceding digits. When it comes to differentiating between newer and older models, the fourth number has been utilized.


To summarize, checking a colt serial number might appear difficult. It is not easy to understand how to read Colt serial numbers initially, but you must become quicker with experience. We trust that with the data we’ve provided here, you’ll have no problem tracking the history of your weapon.

But to be honest, wordy guides aren’t going to teach you how to read a colt serial number any more than images would. Try viewing a few clips on YouTube or visit your next-door neighbor or friend, a gun enthusiast. In this manner, you can have ideas that are more likely to stick in your mind.

🤔 Techniques for reading Colt serial numbers:

Although some are pretty easy and quick, and some are freaking hard. In this written piece, we talk...

🔍 The Reliable Method:

The statement will include all data about the guns, including authentic characteristics and specifications and the shipping address. The archive...