If you are a shooter who is well versed with the new technology, then you should know about red dot sight. Red dot sight is a popular sighting tool. So, in this article, you are going to learn about some basics of red dot sight. After that, we will quickly move towards the shooting method using a red dot sight. Furthermore, I am also going to discuss some benefits of red dot sight. So, scroll right away.

How to Shoot with a Red Dot Sight? A Tool to Achieve Accuracy

A red dot sight is what you are looking for to make shooting easier for you. It is a weapon optic that shows a red dot at your aiming point. It is a simple device but guarantees accuracy. Therefore, being a shooter, I always prefer this.

Benefits of red dot sight:

Red dot sights beat other optical devices like iron sights and rifle scopes. Every shooter loves it due to its speed and accuracy. 

The main benefits of using red dot sights are:

5 Essential Steps You Should Know to Shoot with a Red Dot Sight

Below I am mentioning some steps for shooting. But you can also watch a video to learn it perfectly.

Step#1 Mounting:

The first and essential step is mounting a red dot sight to your firearm. For this, take a paper and pen and note down few things you need to gather:

After gathering these, you have to understand the location of the mounting. For example, if you are mounting a red dot sight to your rifle, try to mount it at the top of the receiver’s end. I am sure you are curious about why I am saying this. Below are two important reasons behind this.

  1. You can expect proper stability at the top of the receiver’s end.
  2. When placed at the top of the receiver’s end, red dot sight will balance out the entire thing.

 You have placed the red dot sight at the desired location. Now, check the reflex sight. If your reflex sight is not attached correctly, your gun sight will dislocate. It will result in lower accuracy. 

You can mount a red dot sight to your handgun as well. However, this mounting is not as easy as rifle mounting. It is because the gun has a shorter space to mount a red dot. To mount a red dot sight to a handgun, use the mounting plate you have arranged before. Furthermore, to attach the red dot sight tightly, use blue Loctite.

Step#2 Setting target:

Red dot sight can help you within a maximum twenty-five yards range. So, you have to set your target within this range to acquire maximum benefit. If you are zeroing with magnification to the red dot sight, then the distance range could belong. 

Step#3 Co-witnessing or double verification:

Co-witnessing is a double self-check. It is the essential step when shooting with a red dot sight. For co-witnessing, you don’t need to buy any tool. The thing which can be used to co-witness is already present on your firearm. I am talking about iron sight. 

You have to ensure that the iron sight is lined up with your red dot sight. If you can look through iron sight and red dot sight at once, it means they are completely aligned.

Step #4 Aiming:

Now, after you have co-witnessed, it’s time to set your aim. First, just put the dot over your target. Then, it is time for you to shoot.

Step#5 Shoot!!

Just pull the trigger and make your best shot. May you get what you hunt!!

Tips from Some Fellows

Here is the little surprise at the end of the article. I am sharing some tips from my fellows.

My best shooter friend James added that red dot sights have several benefits. Among them, the one I admire is its battery operated. The battery is long-lasting, and you don’t have to swap it every time. 

Another friend of mine, Charles, is a shooting trainer at an academy. He shared that many beginners ask whether to use reflex sight or red dot sight. He said I always cleared up this thing that there is no such big difference between red dot sight and reflex sight. So, you don’t have to worry.

Bottom Line

You can conclude that for medium-range shooting, you should go for red dot sight to increase accuracy. Moreover, it is a non-expensive thing. So, practice a lot and become a pro.

Happy shooting!!

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