Suppose you are traveling for a shooting game or hunting in the wild. And you find it after covering half of your way that you haven’t brought an essential component that will help you for a better focus on your target, the bore-sighter. Then what will you do? Will you travel back to bring the bore-sighter, or will you use the tips and tactics to shoot the target without it?

New hunters and shooters mostly face the difficulty of focusing and aligning the nozzle in the target line. And for those, it is pretty annoying and frustrating to do this job without using the bore-sighter.

How to Sight in a Rifle Scope Without a Bore-sighter Properly?

Have you faced the first-mentioned state, or are you a newcomer to learn? Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner level. All you need is to practice the tip and steps that we have described below. After that, it will be a lot easier for you to master sighting in a rifle without a bore-sighter.

What is a Bore-sighter?

Have you just entered this business and have never heard about a bore-sighter? Indeed, you don’t need to hesitate or feel embarrassed at all. We are here to guide you about it. The bore-sighter is an instrument that can help you in pointing at your target. There are numerous types of bore-sighters. Three of them are prominent which are as follows:

The method by which a shooter or a sniper locks his target by using a bore-sighter is called bore-sighting.

How to Sight in a Rifle Scope without a bore-sighter?

So, here is the section which kept you waiting for so long. Now moving straight ahead to the tips and steps will help you become a master of shooting a sniper without using any external source help like bore-sighter. But there is a compulsion that you have to ensure that you will follow every instruction as mentioned below. If you do not follow the commands, then you may have to face challenges in the field. Hence, keep practicing according to the guideline. No one becomes the master overnight. It is not child’s play. And as there is a famous saying, “Practice makes perfect.” Here we go then!

Checking all the equipment

You have to make a checklist and mark all the things that you have with you! You need to ensure that you take your ear-protecting equipment, goggles and you have appropriately fixed your scope on the rifle. It is a pre-shooting tip to avoid any problem in the field. Moreover, you have to ensure your safety first than anything as dealing with the arms may risk your life. Keep your ears covered while shooting, and wear your goggles before firing at the target.

Define your range

Whether you are a beginner or a professional shooter with a cupboard full of trophies and titles, you must start practicing this technique from a particular range. We probably recommend starting shooting the target from a distance of around 80-100 yards. That distance is good enough at the initial stage. Once you feel that you have mastered this distance, then you can increase the distance gradually. But don’t start from a range of 300-400 yards because any miss can shatter your confidence level. Moreover, if you are sighting in the field without using before with no practice, you can become a danger for yourself and your companions. So please don’t do it live without any expertise.

Surrounding Inspection for shooting

After defining your range, the next step in this technique is finding a leveled surface with no ups and downs. If the ground level is even, you might face locking the target correctly, and you feel disturbed and distracted due to the uncomfortable surroundings. So, make sure that the surrounding is even. Then place your gun and look through the gun to check whether it is enough above the ground, and you can observe your target! If all these factors are good enough, then you are free to proceed.

Set your Rifle at Zero

After all these things, here comes the second last step of this technique. But don’t ignore the steps mentioned above. They have an essential role in shooting through a rifle without a bore-sighter. If you exclude any of the steps, it might become challenging to achieve the professional level in sighting in a rifle scope without using a bore-sighter.

You have to set your rifle at zero by adjusting the scope using the knob and centralize your reticle. The cross-hairs must be in line, so there remains no chance of any error.

Shooting at target

After setting your rifle at zero using the scope, you must lock the target and make the first shoot. Then, make a round of 3-5 fires and note how many bullets hit the mark.

Repeat the procedure 3-4 times and practice this methodology daily. There is nothing complicated in this technique. All it demands is an effort from your side

Here is the Youtube video tutorial if you want to see the technique from your own eyes.

Ready to Sight in Rife Scope without Bore-Sighter?

You may not have any idea about how to sight in rifle scope without using a bore-sighter. But we can bet that now, after going through the article and understanding the procedure, you have grabbed the actual concept if you keep practicing by following the technique in a short period of a week or two.

We want to conclude here. We are grateful to you for reading the post thoroughly!

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