What is the point of using handguns if you don’t know how to use a paddle holster? No, I am not saying this to you. It is the question asked by my trainer. I remembered the time when he was happy after we all passed the first shooting test. Then, there was a series of tests. The people who started shooting classes remained few at the end of the learning session. The test difficulty level made many people rethink their choice. At the end of the last test, my trainer asked us about paddle holsters. I was perplexed because, at that time, I didn’t know how to wear that. Then, I listened to the question mentioned above.  Then and there, I realized the importance of a paddle holster.

I was trying to find ways to wear a paddle holster properly. At that time, I met Flinch at a movie shooting location. Flinch was performing the duty of action scene instructor at the set. After a casual talk, we became friends in a few months. I was highly impressed by the way he taught action stunts. He was the one who taught me how to put on a paddle holster. For this, I am grateful to him. A few days ago, when I met Flinch, we discussed my writing passion. I told him about the topics I have covered so far. Flinch advised me to share detailed instincts about wearing paddle holsters. I thought this was the best advice. That is why today, I am here to provide easy paddle holster wearing tips and tricks. To learn, you have to scroll down.

How to wear a paddle holster?

Wait, I know many of you people enjoy learning with video. So, I searched and found this green-eyed guy. He has shared easy pointers to understand the wearing process in a three-minute short video.

Pre-requisites for a paddle holster:

Before you learn how to wear a paddle holster, learn the pre-requisites first. You have to keep in mind that:

Choosing an appropriate weapon is essential:

If you are going to carry a holster, choose compact handguns. The shorter the barrel, the easier it is to put up the paddle holster. If you want to bring a long-barreled rifle fast, the holster is at the upper portion of your waist.

Safety comes first:

An appropriate safety check before carrying a paddle holster is a must. You should check the gun with a finger test. Or, if the gun is fully loaded, make sure to turn on the safety guard.

Read holster setup manual:

The design of the holster varies. So, always read the user manual to set up the holster before carrying.

Confirm gun placement:

After the setup, put the gun in the holster and make sure it is seated properly.

Tips for using paddle holster

Other things you should know before wearing a paddle holster are:

  1. Your belt will save your holster from pulling out. Moreover, the belt will cancel out the effect of holster and handgun weight.
  2. Good grip over weapons is crucial. One should carry the FBI Cant angle.
  3. Your clothes should be appropriate to conceal a paddle holster. Wear jackets or loose shirts.
  4. When you walk, sit or drive, you should adjust the position of the holster.
  5. Practice with the holster will help you to act accordingly.

Steps to wear paddle holster

A paddle holster is the best option for people who want quick and easy on and off. One should pass the belt through the holster, and customizing the paddle holster comes with product disassembling.

  • The first thing is to remove washers and screws for adjusting holster frames. Put the holster frame and black spacer separately.
  • Once the holster frame is separated, remove the steel flex plate. Rubber retention plates should also be kept aside.
  • The nylon backer comes with a belt slide and paddle attachment. For wearing the holster perfectly unfastened, both of them from nylon backer.
  • Nylon backers help you by showing direction. You can relocate the welding nuts by keeping an eye on the direction. The angle of the belt side attachment and paddle should be between zero degrees and fifteen degrees.
  • Your preferred cant position will help you to decide whether or not you should belt slide or paddle.
  • Take the steel flex plate and attach it to a nylon backer with four weld nuts.  Weld two protruding nuts through holes at one side.
  • The removable rubber retention covering should be placed again. Pressing it down will help you to check the fitting.
  • Secure the spacers by twisting on the nut head.
  • Do not forget to place the holster frame. Remember, the four holes should be aligned.
  • The washer and screws you have removed should be used again to secure the holster frame tightly.

The bottom line

You can carry your gun safely if you learn to wear a paddle holster appropriately. The paddle holster comes with many advantages. It is easier to remove and adjustable. The adjustable design of the paddle holster makes it comfortable as well. You have to make sure that you are not applying extra force on the paddle holster; otherwise, it can pull out. This information will help you to carry the holster step by step. Is there any other tip you want to share? Comment down below.

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