A lot of you people find it challenging to zero a red dot. I was even facing trouble doing this a few months before. Later on, I came to know about a secret that helped me understand the science behind zeroing red dots. So, for the love of shooting here, I am going to share that secret with you. 

Try to read this article to the bottom to become a pro while handling the red dot. Below are some steps that will make zeroing fun for you. Scroll the way down.

5 steps to zero a red dot professionally:

Have you purchased your first firearm? Cool! Because things are now getting severe between you are your shooting love. Do not hesitate to ask a professional about zeroing and shooting tips. Moreover, you can also learn on your own through this amazing video.

Do check out the video because it covers essential tips and tricks which will ease the process. However, the secret to flawless zeroing red dot mission is yet to be revealed in this article. So, keep reading. 

First thing first, before further indulging in zeroing, let us discuss the MOA principle.

What is MOA principal?

MOA, known as the minute of angle principal, is essential to develop before learning to zero. Let me clear it further for you. MOA, like grams and kilograms, inches, and feet, is the measurement unit. Always remember 1MOA is equal to 1 inch when it comes to 100 yards. However, when we talk about 50 yards, 1 MOA is 0.5 inches. Similarly, 1MOA at 25 yards is 0.25 inches. It isn’t complicated; use your basic mathematics.

After that, if you place a Graf square at 100 yards. Shot with your firearm, without thinking where it is hitting on the square. In that situation, the middle angle you achieved is known as MOA.

I hope this MOA concept is clear to you. Let us now move forward to the zeroing tricks. 

Step #1 Forget your shackles:

When you have decided to zero the red dot of your pistol, then you are free from that pistol fear. The one thing you should keep in mind is the safe distance. Yes! The space at which you are going to zero red dots is vital. The distance merely depends upon the kind of shooting. 

Likewise, the self-defense shooting is usually done at a distance of 7 yards. Therefore the best distance to zero a red dot while practicing self-defense shooting is 7 yards. Isn’t it easy?  In the same way, if competitive shooting is your aim. Choose a distance more than 7 yards to zero a red professionally.

Here a secret to find a correct distance while co-witnessing iron is to ignore the red dot. You have read it right, just ignore the red dot. Prepare shooting groups with irons only and judge whether or not your iron sights are achieving the target. Are you getting a consistent grouping result? Then congratulations, you have learned sub Rosa. 

Step #2 set the dot:

You have learned how to set the iron sight at a target. Now, you need to know how to put the red dot accordingly. When I shared this trick with my hunter friend James, he applied this formula to get an amazing result. The thing James told me about his experience is worth sharing here. James, when setting his target, shoots using red dots at center mass. In this way, he only has to keep an eye on the center mass of the front post when iron sights are aligned. This trick is beneficial to set the red dot right. Are you still not sure? Let me tell you the science behind this. When you set the red dot on center mass, you are aligning your front and back post. By doing this, you can find your red dot halfway on your front post. 

Here one important thing is to place a rest near your gun. A steady rest is essential to put the gun on it. In this way, you will be able to verify the dot placement. A solid rest is not required since you are not going to use that for shooting. 

Step #3 the dot zeroing:

First, you need to ask some questions yourself.  If the iron sight is on the target? If the dot is placed at center mass? If the answer is yes. Then you are good to go. When you decide to shoot, find the dot first close to the target.  Use a red dot sight to acquire a sight picture. You are now ready to prove yourself. 

Bottom line:

 I have shared some good tips and tricks here to eradicate your fear of zeroing professionally. Always focus on your target. Moreover, avoid movement of your head and firearm if you follow these tricks and practice well. The shooting ground is yours. 

🤔 What is MOA principal?

Let me clear it further for you. MOA, like grams and kilograms, inches, and feet, is the measurement unit...

🔍 Step #1 Forget your shackles:

The one thing you should keep in mind is the safe distance. Yes! The space at which you are going to zero red...