If you want to make your hunting session fun, zeroing in a rifle scope is the best option. When you have decided to zero a rifle scope, the best distance is 100 yards. 

When I learned about zeroing a rifle scope, it made my life easier. My instructor told me that choosing 100 yards is important because it is the perfect base distance. You can expect minimal environmental changes within this distance.

Moreover, when I begin hunting, I was very fond of hunting deer. The hunting of deer requires a 100 -300 yards base distance. That is why I learned zeroing a rifle scope at 100 yards.

How to Zero a Rifle Scope at 100 Yards Correctly?

Here I am going to tell the techniques of zeroing. Furthermore, you can expect every little detail in this article that is essential to learn zeroing within 100 yards. So, keep reading the article by dragging the cursor downward. 

6 Things you Need to Remember to Zero a Scope

When you are going to hunt, always keep earplugs, muffs, and safety glasses with you. Do not consider these things useless. These protectors are going to protect your senses.

Always try to set the shooting range that is perfect for you. Keep in mind that your shooting range should be 100 yards away. Moreover, the range should have a good bullet backstop. The obstacles are not good for your shooting practice.  So, try to remove every obstacle within this range. Choosing a place where there is little to no wind would be a great option to achieve accuracy.

Try to stick to a single type of bullet. Changing your bullet now and then will trouble you. When you zero a rifle every time with a new bullet, you will not be able to know the drop rate. The drop rate is usually affected by length, type of projectile. 

You may think you don’t need a diary because you are not writing a novel on hunting. But you’re mistaken. Diary and pen will help you to make calculations at the moment when you are zeroing the rifle. 

If you have a finger-adjustable scope, then it is great. If not, then you have to gather and keep screwdrivers, penny, and some other tools. The tools will help you to insert the adjustment knobs to make changes.

The range finder will help you to set your target at your desired range. In this way, there will be fewer chances of inaccurate distance measurement.

5 Methods to Use for Zeroing a Rifle Scope

I have found one amazing thing for you. Follow KB32 Tactical channel on YouTube. Here you will find some amazing videos to learn the zeroing method. Check out this video part 1.

And part 2:

You have set a safe shooting range. Awesome!! You must have arranged a backstop as well. Now you are 30% prepared. Now you have to use a range finder. Then set your aim at 100 yards. After that, check your rifle support. If it’s all good, then expect the slight movement of your gun.

Moreover, have you kept your safety glasses and hear protectants? Do not forget them while going for shooting. Double analyze your checklist. Now you are fully prepared to go for a hunt.

You have placed your gun on a rest. You even have set the target. Now see through the scope magnification should be flawless to get a clear image.  You are ready to set your reticle in the center of your target. Shot four to five times to ensure consistency.

Are you feeling low because you didn’t hit the bull’s eye in four to five shots?  Don’t feel low made adjustments in your scope. Just unmount and refit the scope correctly. Now, if you still find the bullet is hitting the target with a 1-10 inches difference, then it means the scope needs adjustments. You can calculate the level of scope alteration. It will ease the process of modification.

You have made enough changes. Now you are ready for pointing reticle to target bulls’ eyes. Secure the rifle immediately. Point the reticle in the center of the bull’s eye.

You are now fully prepared for the best shot of your life. Boom! You fire, and you win! But if you missed it, then don’t lose hope and make slight adjustments.

Wrapping up

You are now hopefully aware of the basics of zeroing the rifle scope. The following information proves that zeroing is fun. You just have to do it correctly. Don’t forget to practice a lot because it will make you a pro. Happy shooting!