Bear Creek Arsenal Barrel Ultimate Review


I first heard of the Howa from a guy you apparently has been using the gun for over seven years straight and I decided to get myself one. the guy that recommended this gun knows everything there is to know about guns and he preaches by Howa HCR so I took his word for it and I got myself one.

Honestly I am not disappointed with the performance of Howa HCR. It’s very affordable but also heavy. I have also got the Ruger precision gun for three years now and I also love the gun. However the two guns differ on so many aspects and that is why I have thought about giving a review for both of them and finally give a conclusion on which one I prefer the most.

Howa HCR

The first thing that I noticed about the gun is that it is heavy but anyways many guns are heavy as well. The weight of the gun according to me is not something that would make me hate a good gun. The gun is also very accurate which is something I am always looking out for when buying a new gun. The gun is also a bit expensive that the other guns I have used before.

Another positive thing is that the gun’s trigger is light and therefore easy to shoot unlike most guns when new. I loved the trigger space since it is big enough and that means I can shoot on my gloves. I wondered why this amazing gun is not popular so I did research on the origin of this gun and I found that the gun is from a Japanese company. The firearm company has also not been in the industry for a long time.


The factory ammo that comes with this gun is also amazing such that you do not have to change the ammo. However I have seen other people struggle to find ammo and replace the factory ammo. According to me the gun is shaped better, I have used different guns but I feel Howa HCR design is the best. I am also glad that this gun’s receiver base and forend are built with aluminium. Don’t get me wrong, this is not the usual aluminium that you might be thinking, it is a special blend that aids in keeping the gun away from fast wearing.

According to me Howa is a great gun and I would recommend it to anyone. However I would not recommend it to a newbie hunter since the gun is a bit complicated and would someone who has used different guns and knows how to handle each gun differently. The gun is also a little expensive which is another added reason why I would not recommend it to a newbie hunter.

It is perfectly fine for people who have got their hands on different guns and if you feel you can afford it then this is a superb gun. As I mentioned earlier, I have used the Howa HCR gun and the Ruger precision gun. The Ruger precision gun is a gun that I have used for many years so below is a review of the gun and then I will conclude by saying the gun I would choose between the two and why.


  • Excellent design.
  • Perfect barrel length.
  • Affordable.


  • Quite complicated.

Ruger Precision Rifle

I bought this amazing RPR two years ago and all I can say that the gun is too good for the price I got it for. The Ruger company launched this particular gun in 2015 and perhaps that is why I go it a very affordable rate. After I bought it I started using it immediately and I was so glad that I thought that the gun was too good for the price I got it for.

However nothing on earth is too perfect there are some things I did not like about the RPR while I was using it. This is a honest review and I am going to give you all the details you need before you make a decision to purchase this gun.


But first the finer things about the Ruger precision rifle. The first thing I noticed about the RPR is that it is very easy to install since all I had to was to install the bolt, the magazine and unfold the stock. The rifle is also not too heavy since it is only 9.8 pounds which is the most standard weight of most guns. If you are looking for a gun after your favorite one then this gun will help you adapt easily to it.

The rifle has a chrome-moly and a cold hammer-forged barrel which is also 20 inches which is the best length for long-range shooting. I also love that It is fully accurate especially when am shooting on a longer range. However I had to change the trigger, the factory trigger has a more grit so I had to change it.


  • Easy to use.
  • Standard weight.
  • Good barrel length.


  • Expensive.

Do both of the guns get the job done?

Yes they definitely do bout as I said the Howa HCR is a bit complicated but after using it for a number of times you will get used to it. The Ruger Precision rifle on the other hand is the best rifle I have used and I would recommend it to anyone. However you may have to change the trigger since it is a bit too hard to get through.

You may have to deal with the weight that comes from both of these guns. Both of them are about 9.8 pounds which is a bit weighty for beginners but once you have started using fully, you will not notice the weight that comes from both of these guns. I also noticed that the Howa HCR is a lot smoother and quieter than the Ruger precision rifle so if I prefer it when it comes to smoother shooting.

Both of these rifles are superb so choosing one from both of them might be quite difficult. However I needed an upgrade and I went for the Howa HCR rifle but keeping my Ruger precision rifle close by.

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