Machine guns are a staple of military arsenals around the world. In this article, we will compare two of the most popular machine guns on the market: the M60 and the M240. These weapons are both belt-fed, meaning that they can fire continuously for extended periods of time. They are also both chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO rounds, so they pack a powerful punch. Let’s take a closer look at these two firearms and see which one comes out on top!

M60 vs M240

The M60 is a gas-operated machine gun that was first introduced in 1957. It has been used by the militaries of over 30 countries and has seen action in multiple wars. The M60 is often referred to as “The Pig” due to its bulky size and weight (over 23 pounds!). While it may be difficult to lug around, the M60 makes up for it with its impressive firepower. This weapon can fire up to 600 rounds per minute and has a effective range of over 1000 yards.

The M240, on the other hand, is a newer weapon that was first fielded by the US military in 1997. It is also gas-operated and belt-fed, but it uses a different type of ammunition than the M60. The M240 fires the larger and more powerful belted version of the popular M80 round. This gives the M240 a higher muzzle velocity and a longer effective range than the M60. The M240 is also lighter and easier to handle than the M60, making it a favorite among many soldiers.

So, which machine gun comes out on top? If you thinking something that is light and easy to carry, then the M240 is probably the better choice. However, if you need sheer firepower and don’t mind lugging around a heavier gun, then the M60 is the clear winner.

How heavy is a fully loaded M60?

The M60 weighs 68 pounds, or 30.84 kilograms, when it is fully loaded. The gun itself weighs 26.98 pounds, or 12.24 kilograms. The M60 can fire up to 600 rounds per minute. It has a maximum range of 11 kilometers, or about 6865 feet.

The M60 has been used by the United States military since 1957 and is still in use today. It has seen action in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The M60 is a reliable and effective weapon that has served the United States well for over 50 years.

What does the M in M60 stand for?

The “M” in M60 stands for “Machine Gun.” The M60 is a belt-fed machine gun that was used by the United States military during the Vietnam War. It is gas operated and uses a unique rotary bolt design. It is also one of the first American machine guns to use plastic instead of metal parts.

The M60 was adopted by the U.S. military in 1957 and remained in service until 1997, when it was replaced by the M240 machine gun. It continues to be used by some militaries around the world, as well as many police and security forces.

Why did the M240 replaced the M60?

The M240 was developed as a more effective and versatile replacement for the M60 machine gun. The M240 is lighter and simpler to operate than the M60, while also being more accurate and reliable. It can be used in a variety of roles, including as a light machine gun, medium machine gun, or mounted on a tripod for use as a heavy machine gun. The M240 has been adopted by the United States military and is currently in service with over 50 countries worldwide.

The M240 was first put into service with the US Army in 1977, replacing the M60. The decision to replace the M60 was based on a number of factors. The M60 was aging and becoming less effective compared to newer designs. It was also heavier and more difficult to operate than the M240. The M240 is a more versatile weapon, capable of being used in a variety of roles.

The M240 has been widely adopted by militaries around the world. It is currently in service with over 50 countries. The United States military uses the M240 in a number of different roles, including as a light machine gun, medium machine gun, and mounted on a tripod as a heavy machine gun. The M240 has proven to be an effective and reliable weapon, and is expected to continue to serve militaries for many years to come.

Is the M60 based on MG42?

The M60 is a gas-operated, air-cooled machine gun that fires from the open bolt position. It uses a modified version of the German MG42’s roller-delayed blowback system. The M60 has been referred to as “the doorknob” because of its distinctive shape.

The M60 is gas operated and air cooled, meaning that it uses the energy of the expanding gases to cycle the action and cools itself by circulating air around the barrel. This makes it much less susceptible to overheating than other machine guns, such as the M1919 Browning.

The M60 is generally fed from a belt of ammunition that is attached to a large drum magazine, although it can also be fitted with box magazines. The weapon’s design means that it can be quickly dismantled and reassembled, making it easy to transport and maintain in the field.

The M60 has been used extensively in combat operations since its introduction and has proved itself to be a reliable and effective weapon. It continues to be widely used by militaries around the world and is likely to remain in service for many years to come.

The M60 is classified as a machine gun by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). As such, it is subject to the National Firearm Act of 1934. The M60 can be legally owned in the US, but there are strict regulations surrounding its purchase and use. Machine guns are heavily regulated at both the federal and state level, so it’s important to consult with an experienced attorney before purchasing or using one.

If you’re interested in purchasing an M60, you’ll need to obtain a federal firearms license from the ATF. You’ll also need to comply with all state and local laws regarding firearms ownership. Once you have your license and compliance paperwork in order, you can purchase an M60 from a licensed dealer. Be sure to follow all laws and regulations regarding its use, storage, and transport.

How far can M240 shoot?

The M240 can shoot up to 800 meters, but it is most accurate at shorter ranges. The M240 is a belt-fed machine gun that uses either linkless or disintegrating belts of ammunition. It can be mounted on tripods, vehicles, boats, aircraft, and other platforms. The M240 has been used by the US military since the 1980s and is still in service today.

The M240 is a versatile and reliable machine gun that can be used in a variety of situations. It is accurate at long range and can be mounted on various platforms. The M240 has been a staple of the US military for decades and will continue to be an essential part of our arsenal.