In this era of uncertainty and violence, one should always be ready to protect themselves, and the best way to do so is to learn shooting. I always get fascinated while talking about guns and rifles which brings me to the topic of this review of two rifles. I was fortunate that I have used two rifles and managed to avail of some shooting practices with them. One of them was a savage rascal single-shot bolt action comprising of .22 caliber rifles with overall 31.5 inches length and slightly above 2.6 pounds of weight.

The gun’s easy to grip facility and weighing less than 3 pounds, makes it easy to shoot and adjust with a synthetic stock that is available in different colors. The second one was a cricket 22 single-shot bolt action rifle. It weighs around 3 pounds with 30 inches overall length and synthetic stock with a hydro dipped option. Beginners can learn the basics of rifle shooting properly by using these rifles because the mechanism used in these rifles is very easy to understand and manufacturers also pointed out some safety measures while shooting.


I have enjoyed a lot while shooting with these rifles. It makes me feel nostalgic remembering old memories as these rifles were unique as well as vintage in the single-shot category. The designs were good as well as the application is simple with the incorporation of the correct safety measures within it making them a perfect rifle to learn shooting. 


In hand, it does not give you the feel of a proper gun with its overall structure because it is mainly manufactured for the kids and sometimes for the youth. Both rifles are not properly lengthy and the barrels are cut down to the length of 6.125 inches on both occasions. 


The Savage Rascal is the perfect example of a rifle that initiates children to get access to a physically manageable gun that manages rifle competently and safely. On other hand, handling the Cricket rifle is simple enough too that garners a cult following among hikers, backpackers, and preppers to look for a customized fool-proof and ultralight .22 rifle.


These rifles are particularly made for kids so the mechanism of these is more or less​ easy with proper safety measures. Both the rifles were bolt action so the application of loading and unloading the bullet was easy and takes only less than eight pounds of force to do so. One should have to pull up the bolt and pull it back to load a bullet and after loading put the bolt back to the position. After loading the bullet successfully, pull the cock situated at the end of the bolt and pull the trigger to shoot. 


After all the hardship, a rifle always tends to be a good choice for shooters as​ they grow with them. Both the rifles were extremely durable and the manufacturers are observed to be keen enough to make some swift changes from time to time to make these a regular need for a long time. Both the rifles were made from simple metal parts and the mechanism is so simple that it takes a couple of minutes to clean so that it can go with the time and generations to follow. Lastly, the synthetic stock is most likely to give the youth something new every time they use it.  

These two rifles are full of features to attract the kids and youth. It can be a good gift to the son and daughters as they can learn to shoot which can often prove helpful to them to escape danger and survive situations. 

  • Both the rifles were designed in a certain way where the savage rascal is .22 long rifle and cricket is .22 short, long rifle standard or high velocity. 
  • The rifles were made for the kids so the trigger movement is smooth where the savage rascal .22 has a Savage AccuTrigger with 3.5 pounds of force to shoot while the cricket 22 rifle has a normal single- shot trigger with 2.5 to 3 pounds of force needed to shoot. 
  • The finish of both the rifles was created with kids’ perspective in mind where the savage rascal .22 rifle has a synthetic stock with blue finish and the cricket .22 rifle has fiberglass with Woodstock finish. 
  • Counting the youth in mind, both rifles have some safety features. The savage rascal .22 rifle has an extra nob that can prevent the accident while unloading the gun in the downside of the barrel and the cricket .22 rifle has a rebounding firing pin to automatically prevent the accidental discharge.

Some positive and negative remarks can be outlined after using these products.

•The rifles were easy to maintain with impressive target capacity and took less time to recoil which means the time to return to the target is quick. 

  • Both the rifles and their ammunition were lightweight so that one could carry them in a bolt bag with other survival gear to survive for a long way. 
  • Keeping the kids in mind both the rifles were not louder even though there are no suppressors and one could kill any land animal in the world because of extremely high penetration. 

There is some negative impact also. Some of them are:

  • Due to Bolt action, loading and recoiling are hard to maintain for the new ones.  
  • The rifles are a little lightweight and the parts would give any professional a toy feeling rather than a firearm. 
  • Because of high penetration, one has to aim a bit more to kill animals rather it’s a toy gun that makes professional shooters a little less effective. 


At the end of it, I have used both the rifles and pretty much enjoyed the​ experience. The lightweight rifles give a non-professional a successful outing with a close-range of targets. Some exciting features can attract anybody and especially for the kids to learn shooting and survive in any kind of situation. It’s high time for us to make yourself ready for any kind of situation and learning to shoot which is going to be a necessity in upcoming years. 

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