When you are sniping or hunting, the only thing that matters is the accuracy in shooting the target. And for that purpose, the scope is an excellent instrument that can help you mark your target without any mistake. The crystal clear and enlarged view saves anyone from missing its target. But it is only possible that one has mastered the technique of scope adjustment and exactly knows how to adjust a scope?

Have you ever faced a situation in the hunting zone that you missed your goal from few inches just because of an unfocused scope? Well, if yes, then there is nothing to worry about it! Don’t feel reluctant at all! Everyone learns from an experience or some guideline. If there is no one to guide you, don’t feel alone because we will explain how you can adjust the scope by describing the feature of every knob and in which direction you need to rotate for the best fine focus!

Which Way to Turn to Adjust Your Scope?

The only thing that you need to ensure is a thorough and complete reading of the article. So here we go!

Are you feeling excited to learn a new skill? Keep calm because here is the most awaited section of our article! In this segment, we will spotlight those essential factors that play a significant role in an effective and quick adjustment of the rifle. But all you need to practice the stuff which you will learn from this post. This skill requires effort from the shooter’s side. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to aim your scope. So, the following are some key points that you must keep in your mind while adjusting the scope:

Windage Fixation

To adjust the direction, whether you want to focus a little bit left or a little bit right, you need to fix the scope’s Windage. It is a knob that is present above the scope and allows you to move your focus sideways. And that is the main point that you need to master first.

We often heard that the shooter missed the aim from few inches. That miss is because of not fixing the Windage. There are two units used while adjusting the Windage. One is called MRAD, and the second one is known as MOA. But most probably, you will see MOA as the unit of Windage on most of the scopes. One MOA known as Minutes of angle is equal to 1.047 inches in case of 100 yards distance of the target. One adjusting a single MOA, there will be a sound of a click. So that is why we call it as Click in the terminology of scoping and sniping. 

It would help if you had to achieve the master level in a quick adjustment of Windage in shot adjustment. Keep your idea clear about how many inches you need to move your scope for shooting at the right point.

Height Adjustment

The second significant factor is the adjustment of height or elevation of the scope. In most scopes, it is present at the top side. But rarely, you may find it on the side of the scope. There is nothing complicated in the functioning of an elevation turret or knob. It is highly relatable to windage adjustment. But in the case of elevation turret, you need to adjust your scope in an up and down manner. You have to calculate the height of your target site and then start rotating the knob.

There is a symbol of “U” and “D” on the turret in case of elevation adjustment. To adjust the scope in the upward direction, you will rotate the knob in the direction of “U,” To move it downward, you have to turn the knob in the order of “D.” Every scope has its measures per one click. Some optical scopes move one inch up or down on one click or move ½ or ¼ per click. So. you must know the units per click before adjusting the elevation.

Parallax Adjustment

The third important factor that you must master is the adjustment of parallax. There are cases in which the shooter hits the target but not at the marked spot. The unadjusted parallax is the reason behind it, as the focal plane is not adjusted. You have to fix the focal plane while shooting for long ranges. You need to ensure that the cross-hair and reticule are in a straight line. Otherwise, there are chances that you can miss the spot.

Eye Piece Adjustment

Focusing the eyepiece is a technical but straightforward procedure. Your eyes may feel pain at the initial stage, and they might feel heavier. But we are giving you an easy roadmap that will help you focus the eyepiece with less complexity and difficulty.

The thing that you need to do is to look from the eyepiece 2-3 times. We know it puts a lot of pressure on the eye you are using for scope adjustment, but you have to close one eye. Otherwise, you will be unable to adjust the eyepiece.

You need to place a white paper away from few yards and then focus it. Give rest to your eyes and repeat this procedure 2-3 times. And then remove the white sheet and focus on the genuine target.

Do you want to see the focusing process with your own eyes? Then here you go! We are providing a Youtube link to a video tutorial regarding focus your scope:

Ready to adjust the scope of your Gun?

Have you found this article fruitful for your scope adjustment skills? Indeed, you can say that you were raw and unaware in focusing the scope and making the adjustments with the help of knobs. But now you can claim it without any fear that you have learned the skill of aiming the target correctly. 

If you have read the article thoroughly, your hands must not tremble in adjusting the knob of the scope on a new sniper or rifle. Make sure that you keep practicing these tips and tricks to minimize the duration of focusing!

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