Looking for a high-quality, competition-ready pistol? The STI DVC Open might be the perfect choice for you! This gun is designed for competitive shooting, and it delivers on performance. We’ll take a closer look at what makes this pistol so special and why you might want to consider adding it to your collection.


The STI DVC Open is a competition-ready pistol that is designed for use in USPSA, IPSC, and IDPA competitions. The gun features an enhanced trigger system that provides a crisp, clean trigger pull. The gun also has a beavertail grip safety and ambidextrous thumb safety. The slide stop is also ambidextrous, and the magazine release can be switched from left to right-handed operation.

The STI DVC Open comes with two 14-round magazines. The gun has a Picatinny rail on the dust cover for attaching aftermarket sights or accessories. The gun ships with one magazine extension installed, and there is an optional extended magazine release available.

The STI DVC Open is a great choice for competition shooters who are looking for a high-quality, reliable pistol. The gun’s enhanced trigger system and ambidextrous controls make it a great choice for both right- and left-handed shooters. If you’re in the market for a new competition pistol, the STI DVC Open should definitely be on your radar!

STI DVC Open Pistol features

STI International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of competition pistols, and the DVC Open is their latest offering. The gun is designed for use in Open division IPSC competitions and features a number of performance-enhancing features. One of the most notable features is the red dot sight, which gives you a clear aiming point regardless of lighting conditions. The gun is also chambered in .22LR, making it easy to find ammunition for practice and competition.

The DVC Open Pistol also comes with an integrated compensator, which helps to reduce muzzle rise and keep your shots on target. The magazine capacity is 15 rounds, and the gun also features an ambidextrous safety lever. If you’re looking for a competition-ready pistol that will give you an edge on the range, the STI DVC Open is worth considering.

STI DVC Open Pistol Drawbacks

Drawbacks to STI DVC Open pistols include the high price tag and the need for a magazine well. The cost of these pistols can range from $2000 to $4000, which is significantly higher than other options on the market. Additionally, because they are designed for competition shooting, they require a magazine well in order to function properly. This can be an issue for some shooters who are not used to using one. Finally, because they are designed for open division competition shooting, they may not be as suitable for self-defense or concealed carry as other options.

If you’re looking for an STI DVC Open pistol, make sure you’re aware of the potential drawbacks before making your purchase. While they offer many benefits, the high cost and need for a magazine well may not make them the best option for everyone.

Do some research to figure out if an STI DVC Open pistol is the right fit for you before making your final decision.

STI DVC Open 9mm Pistol Review

The STI DVC Open is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality, competition-ready handgun. It features a durable polymer frame with an integral rail system, and a stainless steel slide with front and rear serrations. The slide also has an external extractor, and the barrel is precision-machined from 416 stainless steel. The trigger is crisp and responsive, and the gun comes with two 15-round magazines. Overall, the STI DVC Open is a top-notch Competition Pistol that’s sure to give you an edge on the range.

STI DVC Open 38 Super Pistol features

a crisp, single-action trigger that breaks at just over four pounds. The beavertail safety is positive and the slide release is in just the right spot. The gun comes with two magazines, one with an extended baseplate for added capacity and one with a pinky extension for those with smaller hands.

The STI DVC Open 38 Super Pistol also features an ambidextrous thumb safety and magazine release. The gun comes with night sights as well as a fiber optic front sight. The grips are G-1000 and the frame is made from 7075 T-651 aluminum.

STI International has been making quality pistols for years, and the DVC Open 38 Super Pistol is no exception. This gun is built for competition and is sure to please even the most demanding shooter.

STI DVC Brand History

STI International, Inc. is a Texas-based firearms manufacturer that specializes in the production of high-quality competition pistols. The company was founded in 1987 by Virgil Tripp, an engineer and competitive shooter. STI’s first product was a stainless steel frame for the 1911 pistol, which quickly gained popularity among shooters.

In the early 1990s, STI began manufacturing complete pistols based on their frames, and the company has since become one of the leading manufacturers of competition pistols in the world. Today, STI offers a wide range of models suitable for all types of shooting sports, from IDPA to USPSA to Bullseye.

If you’re looking for a top-quality competition pistol, chances are good that STI will have a model that’s right for you. So whether you’re a competitive shooter or just a gun enthusiast, take some time to check out STI pistols. You won’t be disappointed.

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