The Best Ammo for Henry 44 Mag


A cowboy with a brown jacket and a big hat riding a horse. All the people in the bar are in awe to see him coming through the bar door. What a classic scene from an old 90’s movie. I am remembering the scene right now to think about the reaction of people sitting in the bar. Are they astonished to see that cowboy entering the bar? Well, I guess no.  

After thinking a lot about this scene, I concluded. The cowboy entered with a big boy Henry 44 mag, that scared people. It is what the filmmakers were trying to show in that scene. In that era, Henry 44 was considered the most iconic rifle of all time. All the shooters like me who love hunting are well aware of this west-winning rifle.

What is the Best Ammo for Henry 44 Mag?

My cousin Jack and I used to go deer hunting with Henry 44 mag in the late ’90s. Jack is a professional hunter who can own every rifle. Jack used to hunt the deer within four to five rounds of .44 mag. I remember he always says that please give up hunting if you cannot get down the deer within ten rounds of .44mag. Well, I was not professional like him in the beginning. After his motivation, I can now hunt the deer within four rounds of .44 mag.

Before going into the best ammo, you should know why.44 mag is great ammo for hunting. So, without further ado, drag your cursor below.

The best ammo for henry 44 mag

Here, I will tell you why you should choose .44mag for hunting purposes.

  • Efficiency and accuracy:

I cannot say that the older .44 cartridge was the best in terms of accuracy. But, nowadays, the Henry big boy with .44 mag is leading in terms of accuracy. Going deer hunting? Take a Henry lever action with a long barrel with you for a powerful combination.

  • Easier reloading mechanism:

The reloading of .44 mag is easier because of its bottle neckless straight wall feature. You can buy .44 reloading supplies easily within just a few clicks.

  • Multipurpose feature:

Allow me to introduce you to the .44 special rounds. But do you have a .44 magnum gun? Do not worry; you can shoot with .44 special rounds in the .44 magnum. Isn’t it interesting? The gun can use a softer load for accurate shooting. At the same time, you can save magnum loads for self-defense.

These are the advantages .44 magnum is providing to you while you go hunting. A brother on his YouTube channel Big ED has explained brilliantly about Henry Big Boy .44 magnum. He magnificently shared his insights in this video:

About Henry big boy

Henry big boy is a masterpiece designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry in the year 1860. He was a gunsmith at Winchester who used new techniques for designing rifles. He placed the hammer centrally. However, at that time, the usual design consisted of an offset hammer in a muzzleloader.

Not only just the placement of the hammer, but Henry also placed the magazine under the barrel. By doing this, he set a new trend in the gun industry.

The ammo you should select for Henry .44 mag lever action

If you want to know the best ammo, check the ammo listed below. Use the ammo according to your need.

Hornady .44 magnum:

The first one is the most anticipated Hornady produced .44 magnum. With a muzzle velocity of 1,500 FPS, it steals the market.

Hornady made 225 grains:

Another Hornady ammo is famous for dealing with lever-action guns. It is renamed as LEVERevolution to mark its importance for lever-action firearms. The fundamental reason for its popularity is its polymer tip. It is different from the usual flat nose round tip ammo. Not just aesthetically, it is better in speed as well. The polymer tip is 25 FPS faster than flat nose round tips. 

The muzzle velocity for LEVERevolution is 1410 FPS which is lower than Hornady’s .44 magnum.

Magtech sport ammo:

Magtech designs .44 Remington magnum with semi-jacketed soft point tip. You can buy this round for shooting in competitions. The muzzle velocity for magtech sport ammunition is 1,180 FPS.

Remington HTP:

The Remington designed .44 magnum ammo caters to several needs. Remington includes primers and brass cases in its .44 magnum ammo designs. Best for self-defense. It has a muzzle velocity similar to magtech sport ammo 1,180 FPS.

USA ammo:

If you are a person who is a serious handgun shooter, choose USA-based ammo. The Winchester USA 240 grain is good for targeted shooting. The muzzle velocity is 1,180 FPS.

Poongsan .44 Remington:

Poongsan Corporation is famous because of its quality manufacturing. The company designs and exports more than a hundred different types of ammunition. If you want to go hunting, you should buy poongsan precision-made cartridges with a muzzle velocity of 1,750 FPS.


First, describe your needs and then choose ammo. In this way, you will be able to select the right one. Ask for experts’ recommendations. Search the internet to gather enough information about every ammo mentioned above.  Do remember that experts recommend using lighter bullets. The bullets less than 250 grains can achieve accuracy. If you have any queries ask below in the comment box. Also, tell me what do you want to know about in the future? Have you used Henery .44 mag? Tell me about your experience.

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