Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm Review


Recently there has been a big talk about the vortex strike fire 1 and vortex strike fire 2. Vortex optics is getting well known for their optics. The good thing about this company is that they are not letting the success get to their head.

 Vortex is an American company which is based on Wisconsin. It is owned by Dan and Margie Hamilton. The company has created good optics which are reliable and stays good for a long time. The optics can be used for many years. The optics that the Company manufactures are mainly for shooters who need a high range of view. The products are usually cheap and user friendly by nature.

Vortex has been in this business for a long time. Thy have manufactured binoculars and riflescopes. It has also produced spotting scopes and red dots. There are other red dots that are manufactured on its end such as venom, viper, razor and many more. In in this particular article, we will review vortex strike fire 1 and 2.


The design of vortex strike fire 1 is not very different from that of vortex strike fire 2. It mainly differs in weight. Vortex strike fire 1 weighs 1.1 pounds while vortex strike fire 2 weighs 7.2 ounces. The strike 2 weighs less than 1 so it is much easier to handle.



Vortex 1 is easy to set up. The weigh can also change while setting up depending on the fire arm.  On the other hand, Vortex strike fire 2 is also easy to set up. It is easier to insert the 30mm scope ring. Both the strike fire requires a tool to set it up.


It is not possible to review the long term reliability of the product. Saying that it has been tested a number of times and none of them has not been affected much, gives an indication that both the strike fire needs very less maintenance but it should be cleaned once in a while.


The vortex gives their customer a broader range of vision and a quicker transaction. You can use both the vortex with both the eyes open which gives the customers a better command on their vision. It can be placed in any good firearm.

Battery life

Both the strike fire uses the cr2 lithium battery. The strike fire 1 has the average working time of 2100 hours while the strike 2 has the average working hour of 6000 hours in bring red/green dot and 7000 hour at bright red dot. The strike fire 1 automatically shuts off after 6 hours while the strike 2 automatically shuts off after 12 hours. To power on the strike fire 1 I had to press the power button but to power on strike fire 2 we have to just press the UP button. To close it I had to press the UP button for four seconds.



The vortex strike fire 1 offers ten variable illuminating features. The dot brightness can be increased by tapping the top button. The brightness can be decreased by tapping the lower button. The device can be used at night with the help of the night vision feature. This feature can be activated by tapping the NV mode button. It can be deactivated using the same button. The bore sighting feature helps save time and money at the range. It comes with a weaver or pica tinny style mounting ring. It has two models AR-15 and hunt model. 

The vortex strike fire 2 also gives ten variable illuminating feature. The brightness can be increased by tapping the up button. The brightness can be decreased by the DOWN button. The night vision feature is also available in this device. Both settings are night-vision compatible. In this device the final sight in feature is available. After the strike fire has been bore sighted this feature can be used to check if the target is on point. There is an incorporation of elevation and windage dials with audible clicks. I can adjust the elevation and windage according to my convenience. 


Vortex strike fire 1

-It is easily adjusted

-It is very light and has good battery life

– It is easy to use all around

Vortex strike fire 2

– It can be used at a trace of 12 hours 

– It is more or less affordable for individuals 

– It has good lifetime warranty from vortex

– It gives the customers a choice between red and green


Vortex strike fire 1

– It is non-magnified

– It is not waterproof

– It is a bit difficult to use as a result of existence of permanently affixed lens cap

Vortex strike fire 2

– It has no auto-on feature 

– It seems to be quite heavy and bulky

-The mount included not high quality

– Its green dot can be washed out because of bright environment thereby affecting usability

– It has limited battery life


As per my view the strike fire 2 is a very good upgrade. It is much better in comparison to its old version. The latest strike fire has the best features. The strike fire 1 has a poor control placement. The buttons are placed in a cluster. The strike fire 2 solves this problem. It has only two buttons which control most of the settings. The placement of red dot on the wrong side has resulted in the accidental powering on of the strike fire 1. In strike fire 2 the buttons are placed on the rear side.

The strike fire 1 has a dull green light which is not clearly visible on a bright day. The strike fire 2 has bright lights which is visible on bright days. I would recommend the strike fire 2 for beginner shooters as it is easy to handle. Having said that an experienced shooter can also use this optic, the storage instructions are very easy to follow to both the strike fires. 

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