New to the gun industry or have grown-up the fondness to know more about the gun. Then you should be familiar with NIB. Many gun sellers use this word. NIB stands for new-in-box. The factory packed the weapon, and when you opened it. No one has fired it yet or even taken it out of the box. It explains that the gun has a protective plastic covering on it, so we can name a gun NIB if no rounds are fired. The box which contains the gun is not worn out. It is present in the best condition to buy it. It would be best if you always bought a NIB. But there are some cases in which you can buy a used gun. Many ancient guns are unavailable now but are valuable. You cannot find them new. If you want them, you can buy them like new. If you are looking for a new gun and find one which has no scratch.

 Related terms

 There are two related terms discussed when someone talks about NIB. The first one is “BNIB” and the second one is “LNIB.” There is more than only having “B” and “L” at the start.

1.  BNIB

 What does NIB stand for? –BNIB stands for Brand new-in-box.

There is no difference between NIB and BNIB. Dealers use this adjective to exaggerate the beauty of firearms. Think for yourself. Wouldn’t it be better to listen brand new than to listen only new? Many commercials also use this technique to capture the attention of the reader. The reader would at least notice the “brand-new product.”

2.  LNIB

 LNIB stands for like new-in-box.

According to some experts, LNIB is a gun that has fired less than 100 rounds. While others predict LNIB could have more than 100 rounds. Any gun with its plastic intact and having no parts worn-out is LNIB. We will not consider a gun LNIB if it contains many scratches. If the body has worn out and is not in good condition, it is not like the new-in-box. It is like new but is not new as they may differ from each other in some aspects. LNIB can be pre-owned in good condition.

LNIB or NIB (which one is better)

NIB is better. You can have your stand but consider reading my reason behind it. Let us consider an example. You would buy a new car or go with the used one, and don’t want to spend extra money on the hidden damages. It would take my time, so I am going to save my time and money. I will purchase a new-in-box gun, and there can be a difference between the prices. But I don’t know if the gun contains any hidden damage. I will use it just like a new gun. What if, after some time, it starts causing problems? I will be free from all the worries. I am not saying that there can be no problems with the new one, but at least it will last longer.

Purchasing LNIB

If I can’t convince you and have decided to buy the like new in the box. Then here is the guide. Many people sell scratched and rusted guns. They call them new. They think that there is no problem if there is one scratch. But if a gun has a single scratch, then you cannot consider it new.

·Don’t buy online

You can buy NIB online. It is sure that if the box opens, then it will not remain new. You can judge whether it is brand new or like new. But it is not clear in the case of LNIB. I see many people complaining about the new one. The reason is the salesman tells you that it is just like new. You can’t judge the gun in photos or even in videos. Visit the shop to check it.

·Fire the gun

You should check it by firing many rounds. Somebody may have checked it before. That’s why most experts say that the like-new box has been fired many times, more than 100 rounds.

In this video, they are introducing their new-in-box coating. You can watch this video and know how a new-in-box gun looks like. There is not too much difference, but most people prefer NIB.


New guns are better than older ones. It is better to buy a brand new one. The probability of damage in it is low; hence it is more bought. Most people think that I will buy the same gun at a low price that my friend bought twice. But your friend did the right thing. He does not have to spend more time repairing and watching videos to fix it or taking it to the repair center. They will go to the shooting range and start shooting.

🤔 What is BNIB?

There is no difference between NIB and BNIB...

🔍 What is LNIB?

According to some experts, LNIB is a gun that has fired less than 100 rounds...