Are you amazed by the name bull barrel? That is why you started searching for it. Well, High five, you are on the right track.  We were in the same boat when I started learning about firearms. A firearm is made up of a trigger, grip, barrel, and other parts. These parts can be customized according to your choice. So, it means that you can design your firearm according to your needs. 

I designed my firearm according to my choice. It is only possible when one has super knowledge about every part. So, to appreciate your passion, I would like to share my two cents on this topic. Believe me, this will be going to help you in the future. Obviously when you design your firearm. I am here covering bull barrel basics and its benefits to complete your search here. Are you excited enough? Then scroll down.

All the things about bull barrel:

I am sure you came across a bull barrel up till now without your understanding that it is a bull barrel. Did you remember that when you hold a slightly heavier barrel? Yes, that’s where you had a bull barrel. A bull barrel’s heavyweight is due to its thickness. As compared to this standard barrel, it is not very heavy. Another exciting thing about a bull barrel is its non-standard size. The gun world doesn’t know any specifications for a bull barrel. 

Furthermore, a bull barrel used on one gun can be useless for another weapon. For instance, my friend Mark used a bull barrel on a shotgun and an AR15 on AR15.  He told me that for an AR15, you can think of a bull barrel. However, for a gun, it does not depend upon the size of a barrel.

A YouTube channel Fusion Firearms covers the bull barrel in an episode of Barrel basics.

Here you can watch this interesting episode to get more firsthand knowledge regarding bull barrels:

The story behind the name of bull barrel:

Isn’t the name appeal to you? Well, you are not alone; everyone finds this name exciting for a barrel. The story behind the name of the bull barrel does not have any relation with a giant bull. The reason known to the gun world is that the name comes from a Man. Yes! A machinist known as Freeman R. Bull in 1800 was the worker at Springfield Armory. 

He started experimenting with barrel thickness. My trainer told me that man was a sharpshooter who was in favor of a heavier barrel. The gun world assumes that that is why the name of this barrel is the bull barrel. However, it is just a story. Nobody knows what the actual reason behind its name is. 

Working of a bull barrel:

A bull barrel is crucial because it improves the accuracy of your gun. A barrel is a metal piece that helps in exiting the bullet once the trigger is pushed. When you fire round by round continuously a heat develops in the barrel, which becomes the reason for stress for the barrel.  A bull barrel is designed in a way that increases efficiency and reduces failure.  Just because of bull barrels’ fully cylindrical shape, it is stiffer. The stiffness controls the vibration amplitudes. The vibration amplitudes develop when air pressure increases in the barrel after consistent shots. 

Bull barrel advantages:

When you want to know about something, it means you are interested in that thing. Thus, the interest leads to the quest for knowledge about the benefits. Therefore, I will share some advantages of the bull barrel that will help you understand its usage.

Bull barrels types:

Bull barrels have few types. Here I am going to discuss three main types of bull barrels.

The people find it difficult to hold the heavier bull barrel. That is why to keep the weight down the bull barrel comes with flutes.  The flutes are the grooves that remove some metal from the barrel. It makes it less stiff. However, it doesn’t affect the robust nature of the bull barrel. 

The plastic bull barrels are used to serve aesthetic appeal. However, plastic bull barrels are not as effective as metal bull barrels. Still, it’s better to use a gun with a plastic bull barrel as compared to a no barrel gun. The plastic barrel will provide less vibration and recoil advantage.

The air guns have bull barrels that damp the vibrational effect. Moreover, air guns are popular because there is no heat dissipation. 

Final words

I hope you have learned much about bull barrels. It helps me too to revise what I have learned in these years. Learn thoroughly about every part of the gun to design your customized product. 

🤔 All the things about bull barrel:

A bull barrel's heavyweight is due to its thickness. As compared to this ...

🔍 Working of a bull barrel:

A bull barrel is crucial because it improves the accuracy of your gun. A barrel is a metal piece that helps in exiting the bullet once the trigger is pushed...