The things developed by man need constant improvement. I am sure you have never seen a device that gets updated after some time. The weapon world is full of updates. The pistol you were using a year ago, now present in the market with loads of new updates. Gun manufacturers made improvements to tackle the shooting problems.

Moreover, sometimes updates are made to generate interest through cool appearance. It’s always difficult for me to resist buying new guns. John was my training partner when I started learning to shoot. After class, we used to tell each other about the newer models of the older guns. John goes for the aesthetic appearance of guns. Whereas, I am more of technological advancement in weapons, fan.

What is actually a ported barrel?

The ported barrel is a new advancement. It is the form of a muzzle break essential for a firearm. On this channel on YouTube, American gun life uploaded a video regarding ported barrels. I initially got to know about ported barrels with this video. 

This video will help you to understand the basics of ported barrels.


All About ported barrel

The ported barrel is popular because it decreases the muzzle rise and recoil. Ported barrel reduces muzzle flip by providing a rapid-fire facility. Some famous manufacturers of the gun world like Smith Wesson, Springfield, Glock, Taurus, and Armory introduced ported barrels in various new models. The ported barrel is by far the coolest choice with several practical benefits.

Working of a ported barrel

Ports were present in history; Magna port was porting barrels for forty years. But recently, it got popular in the market due to the extended barrel facility with ports.

Ports work on the procedure of gas venting that contributes to recoiling. When the gunpowder burns, a gas is produced that blasts forward. An equal counterforce is generated to the rear adds in recoiling force. The recoiling force is produced due to bullets’ weight and velocity.

I hope you have learned Newton’s law of motion in sixth grade. The mechanism of a ported barrel depends upon the third law of motion. The law says that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. The ported barrel works in a way that redirects the gas upward so that the muzzle rise is reduced.

Testing of ported barrel vs non-ported barrel in Glock 19C

Glock 19C is available in the market with two small elongated ports. Here a question arises that how much reduction in muzzle rise is seen. The answer is not exact but will help if you follow the same procedure to measure.

Measure the muzzle rise using Ransom rest. The ransom rest is nothing but the indication of relative recoil when the gun moves a certain distance. When the shot is fired, the rock arm pivots upward just in the case of rest. When the ports are present, they vent the gas upward; thus, the opposite reaction of reciprocal downward force is generated. The opposite reaction becomes the reason for less gun pivot. Ports are responsible for sending gas upward when the bullets are in the barrel. Due to this, the velocity of accelerating bullets is decreased. The average reduction of muzzle rise with a ported barrel is thirty-one percent, which is a good percentage compared to a non-ported barrel.

Ported barrel for self-defense

Ported barrel offers quicker shots with accuracy. So, yes, it is good when it comes to self-defense. As mentioned above, by following Newton’s third law of motion, a ported barrel reduces muzzle rise. This muzzle reduction makes the gun easier to use, which is most important when choosing a self-defense gun.

Cons of ported barrel

As I have discussed several pros of the ported barrel in the upper part, now it’s time for some cons. No doubt a ported barrel is much better than a non-ported barrel, but the gas that vents upward is hot. If not handled properly, there is a chance of an injury. Furthermore, if you are going to shoot at night, a bright muzzle flash will distort your vision. Do you not believe this? Has anyone taken a picture of you in a dark room with a camera flash on? If yes, then you know that you are unable to see properly for the time being. 

So, the same is the case with a ported barrel. When a bright muzzle flash blurs your vision, how can you make an accurate shot? That is why at night time, a ported barrel is not recommended. 

If you are interested in ported barrel guns like me, get ready to clean them every once in a while. The ported barrel aids in residue accumulation at the gun’s front sight. It needs constant maintenance to save your gun from damage.


Choosing a ported barrel gun for self-defense is a good option if you want to shoot fast. The ported barrel keeps your aim on the target, thus providing efficiency. Furthermore, I stated the cons of the ported barrel to decide according to your need. As I always mention, practice makes a novice shooter pro. So, when you practice enough with a ported barrel, the chances of injuries are reduced a lot. I hope you find this information useful. If not, then ask me in the comment section what I have missed. Have you ever shot in the nighttime with a ported barrel gun? How was your experience?

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