I am back with another exciting episode of Tales of the guns.”

Oh, I remember this line from my favorite tv show. In 1998 when this show was aired on Tv, I used to follow this series religiously. It was the start of my shooting training period. This show helped me to learn about firearms and their history. I, along with my friend Clark, enjoy this show a lot with the voice of Thom Pinto.

When the Internet was not always available, this show was the source of our firearm knowledge. I used to share the episodes with my trainer as well. He always appreciated my interest. Different interviews with famous shooters helped me to gather certain information about shooting style. Why am I sharing this all here? Because every episode of this show covers some information about a single-action revolver. When some people here commented and showed interest in single-action pistols. I remembered my time. Due to the presence of just a single-action revolver at the beginning of 1800. This single-action revolver thing was not the point of concern. But, in 1889, Colt introduced a double-action revolver. It was the time when people started to think about the features of single-action revolvers compared to double action.

When I started to teach shooting to some fellas at an academy in the year 2014, I shared a video with them. This video helped them to understand the basics of single-action revolvers. Moreover, the comparison between single and double-action revolvers adds another thinking point. You can also check this video:



I am sure you will enjoy this. Want to know further details about single-action revolvers?  Then scroll down below.

In this article, I will share everything you need to know about single-action revolvers. But there is a bonus for you as I am going to explain a bit about double-action revolvers as well. It will clear your mind.

TWhat is a single-action revolver?

A single-action revolver can also be referred to as a vintage revolver. The history of revolvers begins from a single action. Before the advent of revolvers, rifles and muskets were single actions.

The person using the revolver pulls the hammer manually before pulling the trigger. Isn’t it difficult? Well, to understand what a single-action firearm is, keep one thing in mind. Pull the trigger once, fire the round once. Remember this line forever. For the next round, you have to cock the hammer again. 

If you are an old action movie fan like me then you must have noticed how the male protagonist pulled the hammer again and again for multiple shots. It is because of the use of single-action revolvers in movies. Well, don’t you think movies were the source of lessons in the past? Ahh! Good times indeed. 

Single action revolver reloading process is a bit tedious. Every time you decide to reload. You have to open the back of the cylinder. Insert the magazine and then rotate the cylinder to use the next chamber. 

Benefits of a single-action revolver

Clark always counts the benefits of a single action revolver on his fingers. He states the two most important benefits. That is, a single-action revolver is a savior. There is no chance of an accidental shot. You don’t have to worry about the lives of innocent bystanders. Furthermore, the single-action revolver offers precision. You can set your aim every time before cocking the hammer. 

Single action revolver nowadays

Single action revolvers are still available in the market, but the mechanism has changed a bit. Today the manufacturing companies have changed the outlook of single-action revolvers. You don’t have to press the hammer every time. The recoil from the fire round will push the hammer for further shots. It means that manual function is no longer required.

The zero to light tension on hands with a single-action revolver made it more convenient than a double-action revolver.

Things about double-action revolver

As I have promised above, I am going to share little information about double-action revolvers. For understanding single action, you have to know about double action as well. The double-action revolver is a multi-tasker. It can perform two functions at once. It means you can expect the trigger to cock the hammer and fire at once. Whereas in single action it is a two-stage process. 

Traditional double-action guns are much like double-action-only revolvers. But there is a slight difference that double-action revolvers automatically cock the hammer and fire the shot. The double-action revolver is a favorite of all due to quicker action. However, the heavier and much-awaited trigger pull made it less likable.

Still, my friend Clark loves double action because of the more effortless reloading procedure. 

The bottom line

Single action revolvers have been the go-to gun for centuries. People are still using the advanced version of single-action revolvers. So, it means that it is not wholly obsolete. I have tried my best to give you firsthand information in this article. You can also check the link I have shared above. Or you can ask me about this in the comments box. 


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