Squib load is a technical fault in the bullet of the gun. It is one of the most common. It occurs due to many reasons. It mainly occurs in reloaded ammunition. When less propellant is added in the round than required, all of it burns away inside the barrel due to its small amount. For example, it says that 5 grains are necessary, but only 1 grain is added. Then it will cause a squib load. The bullet remains stuck in the barrel. It can cause permanent damage to the firearm. Pop sound instead of the bang of the gun determines the squib load. It can occur in both old and new models. It depends on the manufacture of the cartridge.

What is squib load and its causes

Squibs are weapon damaging. One should know the causes of the squib loads. Understanding the reasons, you can protect yourself from losing your favorite weapon. 

1.Construction of the ammunition

Experts rank it number one. The construction of the ammunition is a cause of squib load. A round contains a primer, a slug, and propellant powder. The propellant is responsible for the shooting of a bullet due to its ignition. It provides the force that moves the slug towards the target. If the amount of propellant powder is lesser than required, it will not move the slug forward. Squib load can also occur if the primer does not exert the necessary force on the propellant to ignite it. The cartridge can get stuck in the barrel. It will cause squibs.

2.Expose to moisture

Placing a gun in moisture can cause squib loads. It will cause rust on the primer. The primer will not be able to push the bullet out of the barrel. It will cause a squib load. Try to keep the weapon away from moisture because it can cause rusting of the gun. The price of the firearm will fall to a minimum.

3.Age of the gun

I have seen many guns that are old but are expensive. Some guns get old and become a part of the exhibition. Guns get old early if proper care is not taken. Improper cleaning is a cause that can create problems in the barrel. It will not provide sufficient force to the bullet.

 Consequences of squib loads

Squib loads can cause damage to the gun. They can also cause injuries to the shooter. It results in the explosion of the barrel when the shooter fires another round. He might imagine what happened? Firing another round will cause damage. Many people suffered its consequences. An actor named Brandon Lee died due to this. He got many wounds and died. This accident is famous.

You should have complete information about firearms before dealing with them. Otherwise, it can cost your life.

 How to prevent squib loads?

Squib load is ranked in the top three malfunctions of the cartridge. It is a disastrous one, and knowledge can save us from such disasters. Here are some tips to prevent yourself from dying from your firearm.

·         Most of the squib loads occur due to reloaded cartridges. I don’t suggest that you don’t use them. But reduce their use. You should have proper knowledge about the amount of propelling powder. It can also occur in factory-made cartridges, and poorly made cartridges can result in squib. You should buy such good quality cartridges.

·         A gun produces a loud voice, and the sound of the bullet shot is Bang. Squib has the abnormal sound of “pop.” If the gun makes a pop sound instead of a bang, stop immediately stop firing. Then find a way to remove the squib.

·         Keep your firearms away from the moisture to protect them. Moisture can cause the body to rust and cause many damages as a squib.

How to remove a squib load?

Some basic things are needed to get rid of the squib load. The products are a brass hammer and a cleaning rod to pop up 2 or 3 minor spent cases. After removing the cover of the barrel and the spring. Turn the barrel upside down, take the brass cleaning rod. Rest it on the nose of the round. Hit the rod with the brass hammer. Keep hitting until it comes out. It needs oil in some cases.


Carelessness in the case of the bullet can result in squib loads. Squib loads are dangerous. They occur due to less amount of propelling powder. Sometimes small forces from the primer also cause the bullet to stick in the barrel. The slug will produce a pop sound instead of the usual bang. They can also cause damages that cause death. The best way to avoid squib loads is to keep a good check on the ammunition. Use factory-made cartridges. Avoid exposing the firearm to moisture. Don’t fire after the squib occurs? Rest the brass rod on the nose of the cartridge and hit it to remove the squib load.

🤔 Causes of squib loads

Experts rank it number one. The construction of the ammunition is a cause of squib load. A round ...

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Squib loads can cause damage to the gun. They can also cause injuries to the shooter...