I remember earlier in the year 2001. My friend Clark (the best shooter) and I used to debate about triggers and their types. I was always in favor of single-stage triggers. The simple science behind this favor was my experience with it. I was the guy who shot with a single-stage trigger and had no experience with two-stage triggers. At the same time, Clark is an adventurous guy. He was always pro in using single and double-stage triggers. One day I decided to use a double trigger because of Clark. That day was a new experience for me. On that day, I learned how to shoot like a novice. But, believe me, every second of that day was worth it. 

When I, along with Clark and two other friends, had a get-together recently. I shared this with my other two friends. They were astonished to know about my reluctance to try new things. They appreciated Clark, and we had a little chit-chat session about the gun world. 

What is a two-stage trigger?

I am sharing this story here to appreciate your interest. Many people asked me to share everything I knew about the two-stage trigger. Many of them were just at the beginning of their shooting career. But their interest to learn and try new things provokes me to share my earlier times. After learning everything about the two stages trigger, this story is for the one who likes to learn but is afraid to try. Do give it a shot. Every little new thing you do adds a tremendous experience to your life. 

I had a deep discussion with my friends about weapons. I also shared my insights about two-stage triggers during the get-together. One friend of mine shared a link to a video. Where the guy was nicely explaining little details about two-stage triggers.

You can click this link for a quick review of double-stage triggers. 

I am moving towards the topic now. One cannot simply understand two-stage triggers without knowing about single-stage triggers. So, all my fellas who are going just to start learning how to shoot. This beginning part is for you. 

What is a single-stage trigger?

Without knowing about one-stage triggers, it isn’t easy to understand what double-stage triggers offer. Single-stage triggers are the most common option available in the market. So, yes, you are right. The pistol you have recently used is a single-stage trigger. It is more straightforward and simplest. When you push the trigger with pressure, the trigger breaks. The breaking of the trigger will lead to pin release. With a pin release and gunshot report, the round is fired. The weapon experts then felt the need for a less-weight trigger for precision shooting. So, the single-stage triggers lose their popularity.

What are the things you should know about two-stage triggers?

As the name determines, this trigger consists of two stages. The first stage is known as slack, whereas the second stage is the same as the first stage trigger. Two-stage triggers are safer than one-stage triggers. When using a two-stage trigger you have the control. If you don’t want to shoot, then reset the trigger. It will come back to stage one. Double stage triggers are more reliable. As it offers precision shooting. After the slack stage, you can perfect your aim. Then with just a little push, you can expect a fire shot. 

Whenever I go hunting, double-stage trigger guns are my favorite after loading the gun. I rest my finger on the trigger and aim at my target. When I feel that my gun is ready for the shot, I push the trigger slightly. Not to be exaggerating, but I almost ended up with the perfect shot! 

What are the distinguishing features of double stage triggers? 

As mentioned above, the two-stage trigger doesn’t have consistent weight for the entire length of pull like a single-stage trigger. Single-stage triggers offer fast action pull. In comparison, the two-stage trigger design is helping to achieve accuracy. A two-stage trigger saves you from any accidental discharge. You can observe your environment, set your aim and then release the trigger.

Two-stage trigger designs work best in stressful situations where hitting the wrong target can become destructive. When it was introduced, military operators, police officers were happier because of the reduced chances of bystander death.

Bottom line

This article is all about my experience with the two-stage trigger. I have learned all this in years about two-stage triggers. It’s all up to you whether or not you prefer two-stage triggers now. But You should give it a try. First, decide the intended purpose to make the best decision. 

Ask your gun world friends’ opinions. It will surely help you a lot in learning more about double-stage triggers. 

Still, have any queries? You can ask anything related to two-stage triggers in the comment box. Moreover, do share your experiences. It will help other fellas!