Are you a physics lover? Well, I have assumed it. You are searching for a term that is particularly loved, discovered by expert physicists. The fusion of this powerful term with ammo made the gun industry more versatile. Subsonic ammo hit the market with countless benefits that made the shooters go gaga! Let me guess the term is appealing for you; that is why you are here. So, worry less and focus here more. You would be able to find every little single detail about subsonic ammo. Scroll a few finger steps downwards and discover the world of subsonic cartridges.

What is Subsonic Ammo? Basics:

Are you aware of the hearing damage caused by a bullet? Well, that bothers me a lot. I am sure you will feel annoyed by this as well. But, do not worry, subsonic ammo comes as a savior for people like me and you. Subsonic ammo works below the speed of sound. Approximately 1100 fps is the range at which the subsonic cartridge propels its projectile. The speed of sound at sea level is 1127 feet per second. When the regular bullet breaks that range, a cracking sound will produce. That sound is not produced from the breaking barrier. But from the expanding gases in the rifle bore.

Subsonic ammo helps to reduce the downrange crack. So, the subsonic ammo provides a noiseless shooting experience. The lower velocity of subsonic ammo mitigates the sound effect.

Furthermore, if you plan to enjoy a real noiseless experience, use a silencer in tandem with subsonic ammo.

7 crucial things you should know about subsonic ammo:

Subsonic ammo has changed the game of shooting since its arrival. Thus, it always remains the talk of the town before moving towards some essential details about subsonic ammo. Watch a YouTube video to make a clear concept in your head.

Learn the difference between supersonic and subsonic ammo:

Love of suppressor users for subsonic ammo

If you are a suppressor user like me, then you will understand this love. Use a suppressor properly. You will get to know the difference between supersonic and subsonic ammo. The gases inside the muzzle do not expand much with the use of a suppressor. Thus, expect a lot less sound generation than supersonic ammo.

Subsonic ammo makes hunting easier

When it’s time for hunting, choose a subsonic .22LR instead of supersonic .22 s. I am telling you this because there is an essential reason behind this. According to the statistics offered by the gun industry, a .22 LR delivers 1200fps with 140-foot pounds of energy. Thus, one can conclude that .22LR is more accurate than .22s. The supersonic .22LR offers 37 percent less wind deflection. The disproportional air resistance increment near the sound barrier is the leading cause of less wind deflection. When using subsonic ammo, select bullets that expand at lower velocity.

When planning to hunt sub-urban deer, choose the combination of subsonic ammo with a suppressor.

Targeting technique when using subsonic ammo

When using subsonic ammo aim at the shoulder or a little bit above the body to hit the scapula correctly. The scapula hitting will aid bullet expansion. The lungs and meat will bear the least damage with a negligible impact speed, but it is a bit tricky shot. A little bit more above, and the spine will be damaged. Or the low shot will break the heart of your deer.

Right bullet for subsonic load

If you choose traditional bullets, those with round and flat-nose with exposed lead on the tip will do fine. But if you want a flawless shooting experience, try .25, .30, .32, .338, .35, and.458 caliber. These bullets are professionally designed to work on lever-action cartridges. Moreover, they expand reliably at low velocity.

Heavy caliber bullets work best with subsonic rounds. Just experiment a little more till you find the heaviest bullets to shoot well. Do not expect your subsonic rifle ammo to cycle your AR-15, Browning BAR, M1A, or other semi-automatic rifles. You don’t have to worry while using it like a straight-pull bolt action.

Use hand loading techniques for subsonic

Many shooters prefer hand loading techniques. If you are well aware of this technique, you can hand load subsonic cartridges. Try your level best and practice sufficiently to search for the best load you are looking for.

Best guns for subsonic

The technique for finding the best gun with subsonic ammo is the same as the suppressor. Choose appropriate action and chambering. A .223 or 5.56mm AR is great when it comes to the suppressor. But, they are not suitable for subsonic shooting. In conclusion, if you plan to use a subsonic gun, the good twist rate that stabilizes the bullets is the best choice.

Worst cartridge choice for subsonic

Never select a high-velocity high-capacity cartridge. A .223 is a good choice for subsonic ammunition.

It does not have a tremendous capacity which is why subsonic could easily load on it. But, the .300 magnum is not the ideal choice to use with subsonic.

Final words

As promised earlier, I have discussed every single possible detail about subsonic ammo. If you are used to shooting with supersonic ammo, subsonic ammo will fascinate you much. The gun industry is continuously updating subsonic technology from time to time. The industry has planned to make it the most versatile ammunition. Do you find this piece of writing interesting? Then drop a comment in the box below.