No person in the gun world can deny the importance of shotguns. I cannot imagine a person from the gun world who doesn’t like to use shotguns. At some point in a shooter’s life, there comes a time when he decides to change his gun. So, what do you think he bought for him? Yes, you are right, an updated model of a shotgun. It depicts the importance of shotguns. The shotgun became my favorite when I practised shooting because I never missed a shot using that. 

What shotgun does the military use in real?

As I had told you before, Clark spent some time at military training. There he became a member of the shotgun Fanclub. Before joining military training, he thought that shotguns were useless for military persons. We used to debate this topic for hours as I learned from the web that military people love firearms. After Clark’s joining, everything became clear.

When someone from my readers asked the question about military shotguns, I did thorough research, asked some ex-military officers, and gathered useful information for you people. Do not worry; I had a good talking session with Clark as well. I know you people love to hear his experiences. 

So, I am not wasting your time anymore. Scroll down below and learn what you want to learn.

The reason behind the popularity of shotguns in the military

Though military people are aware of using big weapons, it doesn’t mean that they neglect the importance of small weapons. The shotguns come with unlimited benefits. The ejection of small balls of shots in a certain pattern makes it different from the guns that fire a single bullet. Military people use shotguns for breaching obstacles and facing close combat. 

History of military shotguns

 I am trying to remember which trainer told me about the history of shotguns. Well, never mind, the thing is to know that shotguns have a history in armies. The U.S. military was the only one that used a shotgun during World War 1. Winchester model 1897, also known as the famous trench gun, was the highlight in World War 1. The trench gun was the talk of the town at that time. Its special short barrel design is used to prevent accidental hot barrel handling by providing a heat shield.

The government of Germany was not happy with the usage of shotguns during the war. However, the U.S. Army claimed that it is according to the law of war to use shotguns.

Shotgun use was limited during the Second World War. The U.S. army only used shotguns during the fight with Japanese bunkers. After the second world war, the U.S. army used shotguns during the guerilla war in the jungle. During this Malaya emergency, the U.S. Army fired with non-American semi-automatic shotguns. I am not exaggerating by saying that the U.S. military loves shotguns. 

Four best shotgun models used by the military around the world

The U.S. military passed Mossberg 590, allowing the arm men to use this. Same as this: different countries allow different models of shotguns for military use. If you want to experience the Mossberg 500 fire from U.S. military forces, then I can help you. Watch this firing video of the U.S. military using Mossberg 500.


Ever popular Winchester 1897

It is an American-made shotgun. John Moses Browning was the mind behind this masterpiece. During the First World War, it became popular with the name of the trench gun. The design of the Winchester sporting gun was modified by placing a twenty-inch barrel. It was the reason behind its popular name. As it was easier to hold in the narrow trenches. This shotgun helped the U.S. army a lot by providing a heat shield facility. Furthermore, the gun helped in shooting down hand grenades.

Beretta 1301

Beretta 1301 is famous due to its semi-automatic feature. The manufacturer of beretta 1301 has placed a blink gas operating system in this model. This blink gas operating system made it thirty-six percent faster than other shotguns. The military prefers this because of its quick emptying power, for example, four-shot magazine in a single second. It is handier than Winchester because its barrel length is 18.5 inches.

Mossberg 500

Here is that gun you can watch in that YouTube link. Mossberg 590 is the part of the 500 series. It is the only shotgun for the U.S. army that follows the MIL-S-3443G specification. This specification checks accuracy, power of rough handling situations, and endurance. The military-made Mossberg series includes a metal body, an eight-round magazine, and bead sights. It is the gun of the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S Marine corps.

Remington 870

This shotgun came into the market during 1950. The Remington 870 was introduced as a manual, pump-action shotgun. Remington is available in the market with different barrel lengths from 11-30 inches long. Same barrel length magazine capacity is also available in different ranges from 4 to 10 shells. The Remington 870 was not the favorite choice of military people. Instead, it was popular among police forces.


Due to shotguns’ easy handling nature and single-shot multiple targets feature have become the most admirable weapon for Military professionals. I have tried to gather every important information regarding military shotguns. I hope this knowledge will benefit you. Let me know what you want to read more. Do you know any other shotgun model that is used in the military? Comment down below.

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