Ciao Ragazzi! Hope you people are fine, practicing well and shooting marvelously. I am here again to answer all of your queries related to guns. Yesterday evening I met with my trainer. Before our meeting, he was taking his lecture class. I sit there with the learners to enjoy my training days. One of them raised a question. So, I suddenly realize someone has asked me as well before. He asked about the manufacturing location of the Beretta. All the people in the class turned their heads towards him. As concluded from their expressions, I can say that nobody there knows what Beretta means. The trainer giggles at that moment. He then explained that Beretta is an Italian name for a gun. Before he got to define further, training time ran out. 

When I met him after the class, we discussed Beretta manufacturing. 

So, today I decided to conclude all that information about Beretta and its manufacturing. Read the article till the end to learn where Beretta is made. 

When I was searching last night, I came across a YouTube channel suggested by my friend Joseph. Discovery UK explained this Beretta manufacturing very well. Would you like to learn from this channel?



Where is beretta made?

Beretta is now operating from the USA. In the last decade, the company opened its headquarters there. Beretta is now an experienced firm. The company knows well how to excel in the field of precision mechanics. The previous factory was just 10,000m^2, but now it is covering 110,000m^2. It’s huge!

The fully equipped modern laboratories, along with expert artisans are making this journey successful. Beretta per day manufacturing output is currently 15000 weapons. The output rate is increasing from time to time.

The production and designing department creates a magical spell to develop new products. At the same time, the sales departments use great strategies to meet market requirements. Beretta nowadays works on eight different firearms, handguns, shotguns, and sporting rifles in Gallatin city. The Gallatin Beretta plant can produce 500,000 pistols per year, and the facility is spread on 156,000 square feet with no inventory space. The eight different firearms produced by the Gallatin power plant include six branded pistols and the popular M9 series. The M9 series is famous due to its usage by the US army.

Things about Beretta

Beretta is named after the privately acquired gun manufacturing Italian company. The company has been manufacturing guns since 1526. Long time, isn’t it? Well, the company became a standard. In late 1650 Beretta started to manufacture weapons for every European war. Beretta is owned by a single-family. About 500 years have passed, and this family is making a great name in the gun industry. Beretta is popular because of its heritage. The company was started in Italy. Now it is operating in the USA and Turkey as well.

Bartolomeo was the first family member who started weapon manufacturing from 1498-1568. Then comes Pietro from 1791 to 1853. Pietro is a crucial member because he came up with the name Beretta. Then his son Giuseppe introduced modern manufacturing techniques. Thus, he opened the road to the international market. Giuseppe, along with his brother Carlo, made a big name in the military and sports sector. 

The popularity of Beretta

Beretta is popular because the American Armed forces and its police sector chose Beretta 92 series. After that, the French air force also found Beretta reliable.

In the year 2002, Spanish Guardia civil signed an agreement with Beretta for 45,000 pistol supplies. 2002 was the big year for Beretta as in the same year, and it supplied 40,000 pistols to the Turkish national force. The USA trusted Beretta so much that the country ordered 10,576 pistols in September 2007. Beretta again won the contract for supplying 92FS pistols to the US military.

Beretta made its appearance prominent and won medals in Olympic Munich, Montreal, Rome, Sydney, and Atlanta.

Difference between US and Italy made Beretta

After you get to know about the manufacturing plant’s location, another critical question is the difference between US and Italy made Beretta. The two of them differ only aesthetically. The Italian pistols have roll pins around the mainspring/lanyard loop cap. In comparison, US guns use dog bone pins. Many experts claim that the US-made Beretta is more flexible than the Italian-made Beretta. 

Bottom line

Beretta is an Italian company but running successfully in the US as well. Beretta first set up its plant in Accokeek, MD. The plant was running smoothly. But after a few years, the MD government passed specific laws. The laws were designed to stop the use of firearms. Furthermore, magazine capacity was also limited according to the new rules. Therefore, the residents of Accokeek, MD, were not able to purchase Beretta guns. At that time, Beretta shifted its plant to Gallatin. 

Do you find this article helpful? Comment down. Let me know whether you have ever purchased Beretta manufactured guns. 

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