The importance of guns during hunting is unmatchable, but tree stands have its value. Though both of these things serve different purposes, these two are always side by side to hunt better.

Back in the old days, Miss Angela was the first lady of my hometown who started practicing shooting. People were astonished to see a woman eager to learn to shoot. I and Miss Angela were in the same training session. We learned side by side. Angela was a lot better than me while shooting at specific yards at many points. Her aiming techniques were classic. After that training session, we went on a hunting trip. Miss Angela was the first to propose the idea of the tree stand. At that time, many hunters in our group were only aware of ground hunting. Then Miss Angela told us the importance of tree stands for concealment. I learned a lot from her.

Where the best to aim when shooting from a tree stand?

Aiming location was the only thing she was not sure about at that time. My friend Clark is a great researcher. He found two to three different aiming positions. He tried every aiming position from a tree stand and found out that. Wait a minute; I haven’t explained the technique to you. How can I just share the result? To find the perfect aiming location, you have to read till the end. Then scroll down below.

Tips for shooting from a tree stand

Before asking for the exact location, one should first know how to shoot from a tree stand. These tips mentioned below will help you to understand tree stand shooting easily.

Switch your style

When your trainer always tells you about flat range shooting practice, you should learn downward angle for a tree stand. For a downward angle position, one should bend at the waist. It will help maintain the body’s alignment, thus providing accuracy. If you have practiced downward angle, you are certainly aware of an extreme downward angle. The extreme downward angle position requires the opening of the stance.

Distance calculation

Are you a trigonometry lover? Then you will understand this easily. Apply trigonometric laws to find the distance from the tree stands to the target on the ground. The experts recommend that the distance between the tree stand and target should be more than the distance from the tree’s base to the target. You can use a rangefinder to compensate for the angle.

Choose the correct tree stand spot

Tree stand position matters a lot to shoot a shot. Are you a left-handed person? Then choose the left and front of the tree stand for a perfect shot. But the right-handed person should not choose the right spot as it will create problems.

Aiming location for shooting from a tree stand

When I went deer hunting, I asked Clark for his valuable suggestions. He told me about many techniques and also asked me to search YouTube. I searched and found this YouTube channel named Lancaster Archery Supply useful.

Here you can also find aiming techniques. Moreover, read this article till the end to understand this better. Here are 5 useful tips to aim perfectly without any missed shots.

Practice makes a man perfect

In my opinion, no one can guide you to aim when shooting from a tree stand. You will decide this with time. Your practice will make you perfect. Bow hunting deer needs mental practice as well. Deer are always moving, eating from one clover to another. They try to suspect a hunter. For this reason, you have to do mental practice to aim and shoot as quickly as possible.

Practice on elevated locations

When bow hunting is your aim, try the elevated practice. Purchase a tree stand, aim and shoot using that. Try shooting from the balcony with a chair if you want to shoot using a tree stand while sitting. Moreover, if you plan to shoot from a standing position, place the chair on the balcony and raise yourself above the scaffold.

Practice using 3-D objects

A 3D target placed at a different location will help to aim professionally. The scoring rings will bring confidence in you. Moreover, use the rangefinder for finding the perfect aiming position.

Find correct angle

The toughest job is to find the perfect angle for the quartering-towards shot. Wait for the deer to turn; the slightest movement will help you with a better shot. When you become a pro, you will confidently shoot quartering towards shots. Shoot at the backside of the elbow at the legs.


As I have mentioned above, Clark researched everything. He practiced every aiming point available to get a perfect shot. He suggested that the best aiming point when using tree stands is behind the animal’s front shoulder. It is the favorite position of the bow hunters to make a quick kill.

You can benefit from this information, but you will benefit more if you practice yourself. Learn from your experience. In this way, you will be able to find the perfect aiming point while using tree stands to shoot. Have you ever gone hunting with a tree stand? How was your experience? How many shots were missed because of the wrong aiming position? You can tell me about this in the comment box below.

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