Clean it and lube it. That’s what I heard from everyone when I bought an AR-15 in 2011. Buying an AR-15 was my ultimate goal when I learned and practiced shooting well. I am sure you are here because you are an AR-15 fan too. AR-15 or any other rifle is too delicate; that is why they need special attention while cleaning and lubing. James was my shooting class teacher. I have always admired him because of his passion for rifles. He was the only trainer who taught us the importance of lubing our guns. He also told us the procedure, in general, to make us aware of its importance. 

Many renowned companies are developing special lubricant oil for oiling rifles and guns. The lubricant oil quality depends upon its viscosity, tolerance, and temperature. Choosing the right lubricant will bring peace. The right lubricant oil will vanish all the little or excess lubrication worries. It is what Clark’s grandfather advised me first.

Where to oil AR-15 correctly?

Clark (my old friend) was the only one who already knew the tips and techniques of lubing because of his grandfather. His grandfather used to own an AR-15. Well, to be honest, I developed my fan following for the AR-15 because of Clark’s grandfather. When Clark and I hung out together at his place, his grandfather told me his experiences shooting with an AR-15. Oh, I felt nostalgic! Anyways, getting back to the point, here I will tell you the lubing procedure. Moreover, which part should you take to oil an AR-15?

I know you people are satisfied with visual representation. That is why I searched YouTube for your ease. Carry trainer’s channel has explained the procedure so well that I cannot resist sharing this with you. Now getting to the point again, scroll down immediately to know which part of the AR-15 should be oiled. 

How often should you lubricate your AR-15?

There is no such clear marker when or how often you should lubricate. It depends upon your usage. I remember my trainer used to say that one should clean his rifle after 250 rounds. It is the general rule, as you know people need some clear advice. But you have to keep an eye on debris buildup. To avoid corrosion and wear due to debris, you should often clean your gun. Furthermore, the adjustment of the lubricating amount will determine the gunk accumulation time. 

Where to apply lubricant on AR-15?

This question arises every time someone talks about AR-15. If you have ever met an AR-15 expert, I am sure you have tried to ask this question. Well, I think you are still not satisfied. Do not worry; I have asked this question from all the gurus of AR-15. They all tell me one thing that one should only lubricate the bolt assembly. However, you can slightly wipe the charging handle and bore with oil if you want to. But, remember a few drops of oil are enough to lubricate these parts. Moreover, these parts do not require lubrication often.

When I asked Clark about this, he shared his grandfather’s formula. His grandfather swears on this concept that you should always look for shiny marks on your AR-15. The shiny marks depict metal to metal contact; the shining part means it needs lubes. Furthermore, to be exact, you should use one drop of lube on the dust cover pin, rear sight, forward sight, and forward assist. The only parts that need a good amount of lubrication are the pivot and takedown pin.

What is over oiling?

When it comes to oiling, there comes a concept of over oiling. Some people think that soaking the AR-15 in a tub of oil will benefit them. However, the real scenario is the opposite. Too much oiling can cause dirt trapping. Moreover, the excess oiling can enter the magazine. So, if you do not want to jam your rifle early, avoid using excess oiling on parts.

What is the best lubricant for an AR-15?

I can’t tell you what lubricant should be used. It is upon your own choice and usage. But when asked by experts, they recommend slip 2000 and Hoppe’s lubricating oil. The slip 2000 one is pricey as compared to inexpensive Hoppe’s one. Slip 2000 is appreciated more because it’s wet the part longer than other usual lubricants.

Choose a dedicated lubricant to increase the life of your AR-15.


Let’s conclude this with this advice that never over-lubricate your AR-15. If you clean and lube your AR-15 properly, you can expect your rifle to run forever. Proper lube application at the recommended parts will reduce the chance of wear and malfunctioning. The procedure is to use two drops of oil, dab it on the rail and rub it. Experts require you to learn cleaning as well as shooting. In this way, you will be able to keep your favorite rifle for a long time. 

Are you guys aware of oiling’s importance? What is your way to apply oil to your rifle? You can comment down below and share your experiences. I hope you guys are now aware of the AR-15 parts that need oiling. But, before cleaning and oiling, make sure that the rifle is empty.

Stay safe and practice well!

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