Many people love shooting and hunting. Hunting is done on different grounds in different ways. Some do it because they have a passion for hunting and some hunt for their lives. It is seen especially in small villages and urban areas. People hunt rabbits and other animals to take care of their families and to feed them. Everyone has their style of shooting and has different kinds of shooting positions. They just choose the best one for themselves and start applying it. However, if a new person comes into this hunting field, he would take advice from everyone he knows, and there will be tons of different suggestions from every person.

Positions to Practice the Fundamentals of Good Shooting

So he will get confused to follow which person’s advice, especially when people ask someone for the best position. You don’t have to worry anymore; here are the top 5 best shooting positions lined up for you. Read further to know in detail. 

Top 5 Best Positions for Good Shooting

There are many positions for shooting or hunting, and out of all these positions, we have taken out 5 easy positions, mostly preferred and adopted by many people. They are as follows:

1. Prone Position

It is a special type of shooting position that military soldiers also follow because it gives accurate shots and targets. It is famous because it helps you hide and target enemies without even knowing them. It is a step to train beginners because this position is easy, your body is relaxed, and you can trim very easily.

Setting up in a prone position:

This position will help you aim perfectly and easily without any problem.

2. Sitting position

The sitting position is the steadiest right after the prone position. It also gives a meat shot, but the problem is that you have to bend on one knee. So, after some time, your legs do not support you, and you feel the pain. How to set up in this position is as follows:

Setting up in sitting position:

3. Kneeling position

The kneeling position is similar to the standing position. It gives accurate targets as well.

But, the problem is that the knees start hurting after some time. However, the setting position is given down below.

Setting up in a kneeling position:

4. Handgun position

This one is different from the rest because it is done based on hand movement. The problem is that this type of position mostly misses the target.  However, to set in this position is as follows:

Setting up in handgun position:

5. Standing position

It is a basic position, but there are very many disadvantages of it. Your arms start to hurt, and your legs get weak after standing for such a long time. To set up the following position, read the following.

Setting up in a standing position:


I hope that this small content will solve your big problem. However, these are some of and most preferred positions for shooting and help you shoot on target. We hope that you like this content.

🤔 Top 5 best positions for shooting

We have taken out 5 easy positions, mostly preferred and adopted by many people...

🔍 Setting up in sitting position:

You use both your hands while shooting. So one hand is your firing hand, and the other ...