We are part of this gun world. In this world, as much as we are interested in learning about shotguns and shooting techniques. I know, just like me, you are equally interested in learning about the maestros of the gun world. Their stories, struggles, and achievements appeal to me. Whenever I get a chance to get along with my gun world friends, we always share news about the big names. So, I decided to share those interesting late-night talks with you people. In this way, you will be able to learn something more than just tips and tricks.

Suppose you are an aspiring shooter who wants to learn everything on his own. You probably came across a suggested trainer named Garand’s thumb. But who is Garand’s thumb? Why does every new learner find his advice quite compelling to discover and explore the universe of weapons? Want to learn why there is hype? Then scroll down below quickly. Believe me, this piece of writing will help you to know him personally.

Actually who is Garand’s Thumb?

We are here talking about Mike Jones. Yes!! You read it right. Mike Jones is famous with the name Garand’s thumb. He is a U.S Air force veteran. This handsome hunk is the most followed YouTube personality. He also became a cast member in Jurassic World: Exodus, an Indie film. He attracted the audience not just because of his looks, but his immense talent shook his fans.  Garand’s thumb got popular with his Instagram account. Mike Jones created an eponymous Instagram profile, and it clicked the social media fans.

This young lad is a strong influence in the United States. 495 K followers on Instagram follow him. At the same time, 1.3 million YouTube fraternity is following his tips and tricks. I find this video quite interesting.

You can find the basic instincts about a shotgun. Moreover, Garand has a pretty good sense of humor. So, you are going to enjoy learning through his videos.

Mike is currently working as an HR consultant. His skills helped him to achieve NRA High Master status. He unlocked the achievement of entering CMP games matches in 2011. After that, he visited camp berry in August 2012 for game matches. From then onwards, he is visiting the place every year.

Garand started his blog with CMP games. Later on, he decided to shift his interest and penned the XTC service rifle course. The audience is in awe because of his distinguished rifleman award in 2019.

The story behind Garand Thumb

Mike Jones uses the name Garand Thumb. Howbeit Garand thumb is not just a name. If you are a person who is aware of gun world terminologies. You have probably heard the term Garand thumb. I know you are trying to remember the meaning of this term. Do not worry; I am sharing this with you here. Just focus here and avoid wandering thoughts.

People who use rifles are aware that Garand’s thumb is another name for a painful situation. It happened when you accidentally smashed a Garand bolt in your thumb. Ahh! I know it is a nightmare. So, do not ever forget to lock the bolt back correctly. In this way, you can avoid this ailment.

Garand’s thumb is also known as the M1 thumb. When a shooter hears about the M1 thumb, he quickly knows that the bolt is closed at high speed. Thus, another shooter who is facing this has ended up with a stuck thumb into the receiver.

Garand thumb in the military

Mike Jones, AKA Garand thumb, has served the country by joining the military. He was first drafted as a national guard at the age of 14 during the Second World War. Jones served at Fort Benning till the age of 18.

Mike’s brothers got a drafting notice in the army. At that time, Mike decided to enlist in the United States Air force. Due to his National Guard duty, he quickly got access to the training of flight engineers. Mike was talented enough that after three months of training, he got the teaching opportunity.

Garand left teaching and joined flying classes to fly two jet aces. After completion of flying lessons, Sheppard forces Airbase to accept him as a trainer.

Jones serves as superintendent for the Waycross school for about 25 years.

Wrapping up

Mike introduced himself as Garand’s thumb in the world of social media. He makes videos and shares posts regarding gun and gear reviews. He also provides valuable information regarding military culture. Just visit his channel, and you will know how easily and in a fun way he describes complex terminologies. If you are a beginner, you will find unique content on his YouTube channel to motivate you.  Garand has a net worth of $1.62 Million. No one should be amazed at this because Garand has a phenomenal multi-talented personality. I am pretty much sure soon he will get more subscribers due to his great efforts.

🤔 About Garand's thumb

This handsome hunk is the most followed YouTube personality. He also became a cast member in Jurassic...

🔍 The story behind Garand Thumb

Mike Jones uses the name Garand Thumb. Howbeit Garand thumb is not just a name. If you ...