Have you watched a criminal movie last night? If you are a shotgun fan, your mind was ultimately thinking about the guns used in that movie. The cop who was arresting those lawbreakers was using a Glock-19. But the shotgun used by the thief impressed you. Isn’t that the case? I am sure it is. Every shotgun lover once indulged in the love of short barrel saw-off guns. The wide shot spread by a saw-off gun made the scene more fascinating. Hence these included scenes grab your attention. 

Yesterday, I discussed with a friend of mine who loved to research saw-off guns. He shared his experiences with every shotgun he had ever used. He shared that using a saw-of gun was a challenging yet adventurous experience for him. There is a quality of faster propelling ammunition with a full barrel in saw-off shotguns. This quality makes it a weapon that needs careful attention. But why are people always talking about saw-off guns? Read this piece of information till the end and find out every single detail.

Why do people saw- off shotguns?

According to an act of National Firearms, sawed-off guns are legally known as short-barreled guns. So, if your gun barrel length is less than eighteen inches, the firearm is then termed as sawed-off. Moreover, the lack of proper paperwork when using these guns will get you in hot water, according to NFA 36.

Making of a saw-off shotgun

The short barrel length makes it the most accessible weapon to conceal. The lower muzzle velocity and widespread shot made its effective range shorter. A typical shotgun transforms into a sawed-off gun by cutting the barrel. Use a Sawzall hacksaw to cut the barrel.

Countries and their legal restrictions for saw-off guns

Saw-off guns are legal until your government is restricting their usage. Some countries in the world have established laws. These laws were devised against this weapon to control the crime rate. Check the country lists below to find the legal restrictions.

United Kingdom:

In the United Kingdom, one has to get a weapon certificate to use short barrel shotguns. The officials issued the legal certification for the twenty-four inches barrel length. Shotguns allowed to use must have no magazine or non-removable magazine. These allowable shotguns should hold only two rounds at once. 

United States:

The United States of America has strict rules against sawed-off guns. According to the national firearm act, a citizen of the US cannot own a smokeless short-barreled rifle. It is not allowed without a paid registration from the Bureau of Alcohol and tobacco. Moreover, one has to pay $200 or $5 for every transfer. But, a black powder muzzle-loaded sawed-off shotgun is not prohibited according to federal law. 


Canada allows the use of short-barreled shotguns if it is factory-made and non-modified. Yet, if the barrel cuts into a short length of less than 470mm by a citizen in his capacity.  He would be a lawbreaker.

The reason behind the popularity of saw-off guns

Many people prefer saw-off guns because of their devastating effect at closer ranges. Saw-off guns used to fire slugs or lead balls. The short-barreled guns are cheaper and can be easily disposed of. Furthermore, the smoothbore barrel will help to avoid any forensic evidence. A rat shot with a saw-off gun can easily shatter a man’s body. The facial features can be easily eradicated with its usage. This dangerous modified barrel gun is a favorite among the criminal class.

Criminals who love saw-off guns

From the past era, saw-off guns have been highly appreciated by Irish, Scots, and English criminal mafias. The very popular Sicilian mafia uses this dangerous weapon in almost every murder case. This non-expensive gun can brutally kill the target. 

The historical story of saw-off guns

In the middle of the 1960s, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand faced saw-off guns in armed robberies. In older times, Sicilian farmers and shepherds protected their vineyards and animal flocks using saw-off guns. While, in north-Indian villages, Saw-off guns are commonly known as Dunali (The gun with two pipes). In Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, this saw-off gun has a high reputation. 

A big robbery at a bank by a famous robber Clyde Barrow was unique of its kind because of the usage of saw-off guns. Clyde Barrow modified his gun by cutting the barrel of his A-5 shotgun. He cut the barrel to the same length as the magazine tube. Attached is the 10–12-inch strap at the butt of the gun. He hid the weapon between his arm and chest and whipped it out easily. 


The saw-off gun is very deadly, but still, it is popular. The TFB TV on YouTube is sharing great insights about saw-off shotguns. Check this video after this article to clear everything.

Or, you can comment down to ask anything. 

Happy guns knowledge, folks!

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