Everything, either living or made by living beings, calls for some energy to run. As human beings, we get power in the form of food intake. Even if we study human attitude, a unique thought, motivation, or passion exists behind every move.

These thoughts come from the mind, and the energy of the mindset is the essence of life. Resultantly we say that behind every move, a push exists.

The same is the case with firearms. The drastic and surprising invention of modern warfare relies on gunpowder. Gunpowder gets naturally used as pyrotechnics, which is a science applied to chemical reactions for generating light, gas, smoke, and energy. It is mind-boggling to use such destructive material for positive intentions. However, this is possible. 

Why is H4350 so hard to find nowadays?

A variety of gun powders is accessible in the market. H4350 is one of the most demanding gun powders. But it is not easy to find it in the market. 


H4350 is an extruded propellant and trendy powder used by hunters or shooters for many years. H4350 importance lies in the fact that it is insensible to scorching, as well as freezing temperature. Hodgdon made it and then brought revolutions to its characteristics with time. The Hodgdon powder company started smokeless powder production in 1952. Over time, it becomes a great distributor of outclassing gun powders. But it shortens. The main underlying reasons that cause its shortage gets explained below.

Supply challenges

Hodgdon claimed that they are manufacturing powder. Then why does it shorten? It is due to supply challenges. Hodgdon said they try their best to continue supply as early as possible. Supply gets challenged due to the following incentives. 

In addition to this, armed agreements for H4350 powder started to specify Hodgdon gun powders for their military ammo. It affects supply. What’s more is that prolonged rules and regulations make transportation of fiery, volatile, and vigorous materials like H4350 complicated up to some extent? 

Demand challenges

Manufacturing sources said that they prepared more H4350 powder than before. The demand rate increased such that it was still not met. Dealer shelves remain empty despite shipping. Persons or firms that further crave powder buy powder without wasting any time.  A gap in 2019 is one factor that enhances the demand for H4350.

Production facilities

Demand does not create a mess if the goods’ production rate matches choices. But in the case of H4350 production, firms are excused. It is for this the manufacturing capabilities cannot compete with their orders. 

Ammunition manufacture

Ammunition manufacture uses powder. It can be expected that most of the powder goes towards ammo assemblage companies. Thus H4350 gunpowder on the dealer shelves becomes short. 

Political climate

It is a fact that the political climate affects the industrial era directly. The gunpowder industry is on the top of these industries. However, the political officials can have the awful consequence of influencing law enduring, hunters, and shooters. The political climate has caused an enormously high burden on the firearm industry. H4350 is one of the premium products of the shooting industry. Thus when such a situation induces. First of all, the H4350 supply becomes a challenge. 

How covid-19 pandemic contribute to the H4350 shortage?

Covid-19 pandemic influences quantitative calculations of supply and demand of the economy globally. This deadly disease has a random and erratic effect on industries because it gets recommended to practice social distance. Government forced to close business, shipments, educational institutes, industrial era. People become bound to their houses. In this situation, how it is possible for the H4350 shortage to be overcome. Transportation via ships or flights has been blocked and supply trimmed down. Demand levels increase on the other hand. 

What is a good alternative for H4350 powder?

When a famous product like H4350 powder runs out of stock, it proves a shock to the user for once. But with time, people and organizations start searching for an alternative. If H4350 is hard to find, civilians and military services find a suitable option. It has to resemble properties. The following are close to H4350 gunpowder. 

IMR4350 as an alternative to H4350

The Hodgdon temperature constancy is the most startling feature that makes Hodgdon powders an outstanding industry. Both IMR4350 and H4350 are great powders. However, H4350 is more stable towards temperature as compared to another one. 

How does the H4350 gunpowder shortage affect the world?

We know H4350 powder development became the starting point of the weapons or firearms. Due to temperature stability, shooters prefer this gunpowder. But due to its scarcity, shooter’s professional support, performance, and personal satisfaction level are trimmed down. 


H4350 gunpowder is one of the prime quality powders. These are stable towards hot and cold, reduced from the market for the last 3 to 4 years. It is due to the overloading demand for powder. But supply does not compete with orders. Moreover, international politics, facilities, and the latest pandemic covid-19 contribute to its shortage. 

A plethora of research mentions the pros and cons of the H 4350. Following is the link to a comparison video of H 4350. It explains the perks and drawbacks of gunpowder. You can go to this video for further details. This video may explain other alternatives for the powder.