If you are into the weapon world, you probably listen to guns and armors all the time. When I and my friend Clark started shooting practices, we were only aware of simple armors. Clark was hesitant to continue more because of the less protection offered by simple or level 1 armor. Then we talked to our trainer. He then guided us about a different level of armors. I remember Clark was so happy listening to this conversation. He resolved his concerns about a safe and secure shooting experience. We were very much fascinated by level 4 armor. The protection it is offering is uncanny.

We learned about armors in the year 2000. Since then, Clark and I have been on a journey.  We are exploring the penetration limit of level 4 armor. We are still in the middle of this journey. But when you people asked me about this, I couldn’t resist sharing my so far research.

First, you should watch this video:


This video has helped me a lot to understand the protection level of body 4 armor.

Will penetrate level 4 body armor?

In this article, I am going to share about different levels of armors. Detailed instincts about level 4 armors. Its penetration power and much more. So, drag your cursor below.

What are the different armor levels?

Like me and my friend Clark, you should first know about other armor levels. It will bring clarity to your thoughts about level 4 armors. So, different types of armors available are:

Level 3 a:

Suppose you are likely to encounter usual pistol rounds with 357 magnums. You can choose level 3a armor. The lightweight level 3a armor is all that you need to stop 9mm, 40cal, 45 cal.

Level 3:

This level 3 armor can stop .308 rifle bullets. Level 3 armor is not designed to eliminate 30 calibers armor piercing. 

Level 3+:

The level 3 plus plates are specially designed to resist AR15 rounds. Whereas it also performs well against Armor-piercing incendiary rounds. Level 3 plus is vital in the industry because it fills the gap between levels 3 and 4.

Level 4:

Level 4 is the ultimate level of complete protection up till now. It can stop pistol and rifle rounds. Moreover, a direct shot of 30 calibers AP bullet can be easily resisted by level 4 armor.

Who can own body armor?

The U.S considers it legal to own body armor. But you must follow these things:

  • It would be best if you abide by all laws. 
  • Wear your armor for permitted reasons
  • Avoid any criminal activity wearing armor. It will cost you a lot.
  • Purchase the armor kit from your nearest shop.

How much protection does level 4 armor offer?

Level 4 armors set the weapon market on fire with their exceptional protection power. It can almost protect every usual shot and is all the common threat immune. It consists of a ceramic face with a polyethylene backer depending upon the design, but the standard weight of level 4 is 6-8lbs. The level 4 armor can cost you $85-$1000 per panel for this ultimate safety. Level 4 armor can bear multiple shots of 0.30-0.60 Springfield rounds.

Can level 4 body armor fail against any round?

Well, the answer is still not clear. But, two types of ammo are dangerous. These two are 5.56 M995 AP and M993 AP. However, you don’t find these rounds usually, so it cannot become a threat. But the 52gr tungsten core projectile (M995) and 130gr tungsten core round (M993) can penetrate even the highest level of body armor.

I remembered a group of friends who performed experiments with these two rounds and level 4 body armor. All concluded as a result that a good quality certified level 4 armor can protect its wearer against these threats. The group stated that with level 4 armor on, you shouldn’t have to worry about advanced threats. But this is not the complete truth because .50BMG is present in the market. 

My friend Tom often calls 50 BMG FMJ the biggest gangster. The 50 BMG AP with black tip is capable of penetrating two level 4 plates. So, expect it to cause a lot of damage. When this is not enough, industrialists have introduced 20mm and 30mm rounds and their variants. These rounds can more easily penetrate through the level 4 armor. 

According to my colleague Ron, level 4 armors are not very powerful against .50Cal AP. He stated that a .50cal AP could kill the wearer in a single hit because of blunt force trauma.


Level 4 body armor is no doubt class apart. You first have to define your requirements before buying any armor. Level 4 armor can provide high-level security if there is a local operation. However, for the period of war, it may not be able to save you. You can select level 4 body armor for steel core rounds of 0.30 or less caliber without any hesitation. If you still have any questions, ask me in the comments box. I would love to hear from you!

Happy armoring!

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