The Glock 21 Gen 4 is a popular pistol that has been used by law enforcement and civilians alike. However, there have been some problems with this gun. In this blog post, we will discuss the Glock 21 Gen 4 overview and problems that have been reported.

Glock 21 Gen 4 problems

One of the most common problems that have been reported with the Glock 21 Gen is that the gun can be difficult to disassemble. This is due to the fact that there are more parts that need to be removed in order to take the gun apart. Additionally, some people have reported that the slide release lever can be hard to reach and operate.

Another problem that has been reported with the Glock 21 Gen is that it can be difficult to reassemble after cleaning. This is because there are a lot of small parts that need to be put back in place. Additionally, some people have found that the trigger return spring can be difficult to replace.

Overall, the Glock 21 Gen has been a popular gun but there have been some reports of problems. If you are considering purchasing this gun, it is important to be aware of these issues. Additionally, if you experience any problems with your Glock 21 Gen, it is important to contact a qualified gunsmith for assistance.

Glock 21 Gen 4 Overview

The Glock 21 Gen is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by Glock. It is the largest and most powerful handgun in Glock’s lineup, and is chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. The gun was first introduced in 1990, and has undergone several revisions since then. The most recent version is the Gen fourth, which was introduced in 2009.

The Glock 21 Gen fourth features a number of improvements over previous versions. These include a new recoil spring assembly, an updated trigger mechanism housing, and revised sights. The gun also comes with an accessory rail that can be used to mount lights or lasers.

The Glock 21 Gen fourth is a great choice for those looking for a powerful and reliable handgun. It is sure to provide many years of service and give you the peace of mind that comes with owning a Glock.

If you are in the market for a new handgun, be sure to check out the Glock 21 Gen fourth. You won’t be disappointed.

How reliable is the Glock 21 Gen 4?

The Glock 21 Gen is a reliable handgun that can be used for self-defense. It is accurate and has a high capacity magazine. The gun is also easy to operate and maintain. Overall, the Glock 21 Gen is a great choice for a self-defense handgun.

One potential downside of the Glock 21 Gen is its price tag. The gun can be quite expensive, especially when compared to other handguns on the market. However, its reliability and accuracy make it worth the money.

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate handgun for self-defense, then the Glock 21 Gen is a great option. Its price tag may be high, but its features and performance are worth the investment.

What is the difference between a Generation 3 and a Generation 4 Glock 21?

The Glock 21 is a semi-automatic handgun designed and produced by Glock. It is chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge, and was introduced in 1990. The Glock 21 is part of the “Glock Safe Action” pistol family, which includes a number of other Glock models such as the 17, 19, 20, and 26.

Generation Three Glocks were first introduced in 1998 and featured a number of changes from the previous generations. These changes included an improved trigger mechanism, an updated frame design, and new grips. Generation Four Glocks were introduced in 2010 and featured additional changes such as a more aggressive grip texture and an enlarged magazine release button.

So what is the difference between these two generations of Glock 21? Well, the most noticeable difference is in the grips. The Generation Three Glock 21 features a more traditional grip design, while the Generation Four features an updated and more aggressive grip texture. Additionally, the magazine release button on the Generation Four is larger and easier to operate.

Overall, both generations of Glock 21 are great semi-automatic handguns that are perfect for self-defense and target shooting. If you’re looking for a reliable and durable handgun, then either generation would be a great choice.

Is Glock 21 better than 1911?

There is no simple answer to that question. It really depends on what you are looking for in a handgun. If you are looking for accuracy, the 1911 may be a better choice. If you are looking for a handgun that is easy to conceal, the Glock 21 may be a better choice. It really depends on your individual needs and preferences. Whichever handgun you choose, make sure you take the time to learn how to use it properly and safely.

One thing that many people like about the Glock 21 is that it has a higher capacity than the 1911. The Glock 21 can hold up to 13 rounds in its magazine, while the 1911 typically only holds around seven or eight rounds. This can be a significant advantage if you find yourself in a situation where you need to fire more than a few shots.

Another advantage of the Glock 21 is that it is generally lighter than the 1911. This can be important if you plan on carrying your handgun with you all day long. The Glock 21 also has a shorter barrel, which can make it easier to conceal.

So, which handgun is better? It really depends on what you are looking for and what your individual needs are. Take some time to try out both handguns and see which one feels best in your hand and meets your needs the best.