The 223 versions have an excellent matte finish and they all shoot sub-moa with the hand loads. I love gun but I have used the 223 DPMS version without thinking of any other rifle. However, I have heard and read so much about the DPMS version 308 from people who have used and I thought I could give it a try.

DPMS Oracle 308 Price

I got this rifle at $850 dollars and I realized that it is a lot more expensive than the 223 versions. Also, it’s quite heavier than the 223 version but I get it that most 308s are heavier than most 223s. anyway, the gun has a smooth, matte finish which means that cleaning it would also be smooth.

The design

The first thing I noticed once I held the DPMS oracle 308 gun is the matte finish, and I liked it because that means I could clean it very easily. The only thing that I wish would have been different is the trigger guard, which is a bit smaller. It would have been even better if the trigger guard was a little extended. I use gloves a lot and it would have been better if the trigger guard was extended, but it’s still manageable. The size of the trigger guard would disadvantage people who love to hunt using gloves.


It also has a standard handguard which is fine with me and for most people, the standard handguard is good too. This rifle is a 16 -inch gun which is the standard for most people, thus I found it easy to handle in my hands. The handguard however looks and feels cheap, which is something I do not like. I realized that it becomes too hot after a few shots. I am thinking of replacing the handguard, though.

The trigger is also kind of poor, so I am also thinking of replacing the triggers with the RR 2 stage triggers, which are a bit more strong and manageable. Other than the above complaints on the design, the rest of the rifle is superb.


Well, I first tried hunting with the factory trigger, and it’s horrendous, to say the least. Luckily, I can replace it with a better one. The factory trigger is too long, and the pull also feels a little too gritty. The only way to solve this is by replacing the factory trigger.

Other than the trigger, the gun shoots really well. It shoots one under MOA, which is a great shoot for me. The rifle is good for shooting at 400 yards and below, but if you are shooting at yards higher than 400, you need to replace the barrel with a longer one. However, when I first picked this gun and felt how heavy the gun is, I was first hesitant to trust that it can shoot accurately. Shock on me after I did the first shot. The rifle is amazingly accurate.

One more thing I noticed with my DPMS oracle 308 guns is that you cannot quietly remove a loaded cartridge. For me to eject it I really had to pull the charging handle.  However, this is not much of a problem as it does not affect the performance of the gun. It only means that you have to careful while ejecting the loaded cartridge. You might want to eject it carefully, not to scare away any animal that you are hunting. The overall performance of this gun is a win for most hunters. Most guns including the 203 may find it difficult to shoot under 1 MOA, most shoot under 3 or 4 MOA. So shooting with this gun is fun after I changed the factory trigger and upgraded to a better one.

Also, I have also noticed that this gun needs frequent cleaning after shooting a number of times. This means that I have to clean it after every 60 rounds of shooting. If frequent cleaning is not done on this gun, it will probably not last long since it gets dirty very fast. Fortunately, it is easy to clean it considering the matte finish on it, cleaning will not be such a hassle.

The DPMS Oracle 308 is more accurate than most of the guns that I have used before thus it is a more reliable gun for me than the rest of the guns that I have used before. I think it is also a longer-lasting gun only after changing the barrel and installing a better barrel. However, the gun needs a high maintenance person, someone who can really take care of it and it can last longer than imagined.


DPMS Oracle 308 rifle is a superb gun, and I can recommend it to anyone. It is also a great gun to start with if you are thinking of starting with the 308 version. The only things you will need to change as I did are the barrel and the trigger guard. Also, the hand-guard will depend on your preferences since I preferred to replace it with an updated one. However, you can also work with the company’s hand-guard without having to change it to a new one.

Other than changing the barrel, the hand-guard, or the trigger-guard, the overall rifle is good to work with and the price is affordable to most people. However, I think the price of this rifle is a little too overpriced. If you have to get it you have to be a high maintenance person to keep it for long enough. The guns will get dirty fast and you need to clean it frequently. DPMS Oracle 308 rifle is an excellent gun, and I can easily recommend it to hunters.

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